Hide navigation hints missing from settings!

GavinJSmart GavinJSmart Level 1
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I've been using gesture navigation on every android device I've had for the last few years as I love the way it allows apps to make full use of the screen.

I'm very disappointed to find that the option to hide navigation hints has been removed from the settings which means that gesture navigation is pointless on the zenfone 8 because you're still stuck with a bar at the bottom of the screen. This is a really poor decision by the developers as it makes the phone feel very low quality compared to every other android device you can buy and is going to cause screen burn on every zenfone 8.

Hoping that the beta version of android 12 won't have this standard android feature removed. If not I'll have no choice but to root the phone and run custom firmware just to use gesture navigation the way Google intended.

Why design a phone with such a nice screen if you're going to remove one of the most common features of android to make the display look worse?


  • mickey10021mickey10021 Level 2
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    It was not remove. Other oem did custom implementation which is not standard to be able to hide the bar.

    By stock Android you can't hide the bar. Which is the same as Google Pixel, Sony, Nokia and so on

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