Cannot control volume of internet calling apps since last update

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Since the last update, I cannot increase or lower the volume of internet calling apps (WhatsApp, Threema, Duo) on my ZenFone 7. The volume is stuck at max and the volume key has no effect: the up key brings up the slider but does nothing. The low key does absolutely nothing. I've tried changing all types of volume (call, media, etc) and have zero effect. This happens with and without loudspeaker on.

This is very problematic for me as everyone nearby can now hear my calls.

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  • You need to update to latest FW (.22). This version you provided is not latest one.

  • It isn't? It's the most up to date available for the Zenfone 7 as of this morning. Can you detail how you've accessed an earlier version?

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    It looks like you missed forum. This one is for ZenFone 8. I noticed Zenfone 7 in your post, but thought it was mistake from your side and you have ZF8.

    I think you need to ask in ZF7 forum section.

  • Hi @miguelsmatos

    I will close this thread since we are already taking a look at this issue that you reported on another thread ;)

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