We need more fingerprint stability!

The zenfone 8 did receive an update to increase fingerprint stability, however it is not enough! Other cheap phones like crap samsungs don't even hiccup when reading a fingerprint, but I have to reposition my finger in 3 directions to register it! This needs to be fixed, leaves a bad experience for a daily user and just makes me wish I'd have stuck to a crappy, cheaper phone that registered fingerprints like a champ



  • BlumiBlumi Level 1

    My fingerprint sensor works fine - even screen protector.

    Have you re-registered your fingerprints after the update?

  • @paul.stoichici99 You can register the same finger(print) twice and see if that improves your results.

  • I registered the same fingerprint on all 5 slots available, nothing improved. I have tried deleting all and doing it all over again, still no consistency. Sometimes it's lightning quick, other times it just takes its time just to tell me "no match". Must be a software issue, I don't want to think ASUS used cheap fingerprint readers.

  • jakislogin2jakislogin2 Level 2
    edited October 1

    I think there is a difference in using fingerprint sensor in different light conditions. If I register my finger in my room, and then try to unlock the phone in a full sunlight than it ends quite often with failure. However, If i register my thumb two times, one inside my house, and second in a full sunlight, than I seem to have very high success ratio. YMMV of course.

    It's a kind of workaround and I have to admit I've never had to register any of my fingers more than once, not to mention registering them in different environmental conditions, to get the fingerprint sensor to work properly on any other device.

  • Yes I have. Multiple times. I will try it once more, in different light settings this time

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    For me fingerprint reader now is perfect. I have Rhinoshield screen protector installed. Didn't even update my fingerprints on .22. But after .22 I see really big improvement!

  • Mah, to me looks the same. And by the way, asking to re-register fingerprints at every minor update is not an acceptable solution.

  • BlumiBlumi Level 1

    I have not re-registered since 3 weeks and I'm fine. Maybe you have a hardware issue with your fingerprint-reader?

  • I just got it brand new a week ago. Saw reviews saying the fingerprint reader is trash, thought all of them are like that. Will try more combinations of tricks to make it work. As I was saying, sometimes it's lightning quick and I get it to unlock 10/10 times. In other situations, it won't recognize any fingerprint.

  • Thank you for this tip. I did exactly that (register fingerprints in different lighting conditions) and they work so much better! Still hoping they release yet another update to upgrade the stability. It's not flawless yet.

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