AUdioWizard Settings

aamod.v8aamod.v8 Level 3
edited September 2020 in Fan Chat
Zenfone 5z users please share your custom audiowizard settings, It may help other users to fine tune their audio.


  • gugulgugul Level 2
    This is my audiowizard settings. ? I really loved the sound enhancement of April update. 
  • mmSendalmmSendal Level 1
    31hz: 4dB, 62hz: 5dB, 125hz: 3dB, 250hz: 2dB, 500hz: 1dB, 1khz: 2dB, 2khz: 2dB, 4khz: 3dB, 8khz: 4dB, 16khz: 4dB
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