Phone gets stuck in dark an/or night mode

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I have set my ZenFone 8 to go to dark mode and night light from sunset to sunrise. Most of the time it works fine, but sometimes the phone gets stuck in dark mode, night light or both. I also have ultra durable mode enabled from midnight to 7 AM, maybe it is killing whatever process is supposed to change to bright mode and turn off the night light?


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    Hi @belegdol,

    Are you running on the latest firmware

    Make sure that you allow location permission to the following apps:


    -Google Maps

    You could also try to change the Ultra durable mode from Midnight to 6am.

  • Hi,

    I am on firmware. Weather and Maps have location permission, albeit only during use.

    I have changed the ultra durable mode to end at 6 am, let's see if it helps.

  • Changing the ultra durable mode to end at 6 am did not help. Moreover, I have noticed that the night light quick settings icon does deactivate indicating night light should be off, but night light stays active. I have to tap the icon twice to turn the night light off.

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