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Hello Guys,

Sicnce 3 weeks I have Zenfone 8flip. I dedicated this time to elongate battery life. As I'm pretty happy from what I've achieved, however strange thing happened. In battery stats there is no phone calls. It just suddenly vanished, but I'm still calling a lot. Any ideas what's going on? Attached stats before and now.


  • It changed with previous update, there was known Mobile Network Standby battery drain issue, which they 'fixed'. However, battery life did not change a bit, seems just that drain is not show under that task anymore.

  • Thanks for support.

    Strange topic. If connected with standby why they get rid of real calling stats.

    Anyway have you found some tips how to improove battery lasting per charge?

    My previous Mi 9T with smaller battery have simillar performance.

  • ZENFONE 8 should be called a landline phone.

    1. Only one location and wifi the time (lazy sunday)

    2. 50/50 wifi and LTE (normal working day)

    Is it normal?

  • Have you tried resetting the charge indicator? When did it go off? For me I often experience around 1 hour at one percent - even with dynamic system mode. Please check the xda accubattery readings:

  • IS better using phone long with 1% and having big reserve instead of quick discharge and stay without phone

  • Yeah. Something is very wrong with battery percentage level.

    Yesterday within 30 minutes I had discharge of my battery from 10% to 2% during listening to youtube via Car Audio Bluetooth. Then I was driving for about another 30minutes and music continue to working. Then I came home, noticed that it's 1% of battery and put my phone on table with hope that it will be completely discharged and switched off. AOD was activated by the way and my phone was lie on table for around 50 minutes with WiFi , Lte, BT, GPS, NFC switched on and with AOD. And after 50 minutes phone was still alive (switched on) with same 1%...

  • This is mine today

    It would last for around 1 more hour sot.

  • Percentage may be bad but I have a question about battery consumption when I'm on the move and not using wifi. The difference in SOT is 3 hours! - is it OK? I don't think so. Idle phone discharges almost the same speed as with the screen on! I'd like to hear a mods response.

  • OK, then wait for the mods. Funny thing to know: the flat part of my discharging curve is when I was using 4g.

  • I'll try to check if on Zenfone 8 flip 1% hold is also present. Maybe this issue is casued by all this 20-80% safety helthy battery background. Changing a lot is not eqal to improove.

  • After last update pretty nice battery petformance (60hz)

  • Pretty nice battery petformance after latest update (60hz)

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