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How much time does the Asus service center takes to repair Rog phone 5.

I have given my phone 10 days back and still they are saying that they have ordered the parts and it's on the way.

Can someone please help.


  • HI Abhinil,

    Apology for the same. Due to the current issue, the wait time may be a little more than expected. We are trying our best to fix the issue and repair time.

  • What issue..don't tell me corona..ur service center does not have spare parts? What kinda service center is this that you always need to order...and in 15 days the status is same "Ordered Spare Part".

    Such a pathetic after service.

  • At least they are updating your RMA. My phone arrived at their US service center last thursday according to my UPS tracking number and my RMA still says its waiting for my device to arrive.

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    I waited for a month, and then they sent me a phone with a crack on the back cover, again I have been waiting for 3 weeks for the asus to give a solution, this is the standard quality of the asus service ... I am already silent that they can send you by phone to ....... ...

  • 20 mins after this post I got an email saying there was an update to my RMA.


  • I got my phone 21 days later from the day I submitted, their after sales service is pathetic 😅😅

  • Today after 18 days I got a call from the Asus Service Center asking for my phone invoice.

    They told the part is not available and they will either replace it with a new phone or will refund the amount.

    Thank God atleast they have updated this.

  • ASUS begins to act as a responsible, happy manufacturer for you

  • Update on my RMA.

    Submitted online RMA request on 9/23 give or take a day. Took a few days for me to get phone shipped out, arrived at Asus in US on 9/30. Got an email it will be in hand on Wednesday 10/13.

    I'm not sure what they replaced however. I did not have the Wifi/hotspot issue, so maybe my repair was less involved. Will be testing device thoroughly when I receive it. It better be in flawless shape cosmetically, there was not a scratch on it when I sent it out. Has been in a TPU case with glass screen protector since day one.

    I will update.

  • They replaced the mobo on mine. Came updated on first ever released fw haha

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    Still now din't receive the handset.

    As usual Asus Customer Service had no clue about any update.

    So lastly only option left was to raise an issue on the Consumer Forum.

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