Zenfone 8 Flip Camera after update

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So, I've got a weird one. I've sent an email to support and see how this turns out.

I've upgraded my wife's zenfone 6 to 8 flip and for most everything was ok. However a recent update completly screwed the camera. For example when you press the selfi button the camera does not rotate. You can still manualy rotate (software). Also pressing on group photo it zooms in instead of zooming out... It looks like the camera software is from another model... Is it possible that devs pushed the non-flip firmware to me? It would make sense... however I couln't find anything on the internet about it so maybe is just me. Anyway, we're both frustrated by this as we're fed-up with reinstalling software, banking apps etc. I've done a factory reset and now I am convinced something went wrong on dev side. Any clues?

PS: I've just noticed there is a separate flip group so if a moderater would be so nice to move it there, thanks.



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    @EBA Can you please specify which firmware version you're on?

    (Settings -> System -> System update)

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    I've also performed a hard reset in the time beeing with no positive results. I am flabbergasted I am the only one with the problem 🤔.

  • @EBA Sorry for the late reply. I'll send you instructions on how to log your device via PM. Check your Zentalk inbox.

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