Zen Fone 8 Google Services Problem

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I bought a phone today. But I can't start Play Market, writes that supposedly I need to log into my account, although I have already logged in and have access to the Internet, for example, Google Chrome works without problems. But you cannot install any applications and update them. Tell me how to solve this problem? In support of Google, I tried all the options. And threw it off to the factory settings - it does not help.



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    You're not alone. It looks like problem on Google side and should be fixed by them. I know some persons who have the same situation on Note 20 Ultra (Samsung).

    I guess it's not related to Asus and / or to our Zenfone 8.

  • Gives an error at the very beginning when accepting synchronization with Google Service. Writes "Connection error" although the Internet is connected. Writes - "Select another network and try again", the same thing through 4G Internet. Through the browser, I can then watch, for example, news. Moug go to Yotube, watch videos under my account.

  • Thanks. Is there any information on this somewhere? Didn't find it on the internet.

  • All working. Google fix it.

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