Air triggers not working

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I have a new ROG 5 phone. Initially I used to have intermittent air trigger issues. It used to work after restarting COD-mobile game.

For last couple of days it stopped working.

- tried reinstalling app.

- factory reset.

Stil having issues.

Note: no physical damage.


  • This is related to the last .151 update, no one at Asus is acknowledging this but this is their firmware problem. I had the same issue, I reset my phone the issue was fixed for 1 day, then it started again. I had to reset my phone again, thankfully the issue didn't arise again, there is some software that is probably triggering this problem, and I have doubts that it is happening due to the armoury crate animation that appears in the first boot after reset. I cancelled it when I had reset my phone for the second time.

    They have to push a firmware update because there can't be so many devices with all these hardware problems at once.

  • @Gades26 I'll send you instructions on how to log your device via PM. Check your Zentalk inbox.

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