3rd party app launcher broken (again) after new patch

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the 3rd party app launcher system is broken again on the zenfone 8 after last patch. I am using Nova Launcher. As you remember, weeks ago, I've reported with other users an annoying bug related to third party launcher: everytime the phone was rebooted or turned off-turned on, you had to set again your 3rd party launcher as main launcher from settings or the lock/unlock screen process would become tediously slow.

Something that has never happened with all my previous Android phones (same observation made by other users on this forum).

That problem has now been fixed but we've another problem now: when i press the multitasking Button, the system overlaps nova launcher with Asus launcher. the only way to go back to nova launcher is by pressing the home Button. Pressing "back" or pressing another part of the screen, leaves you with Asus launcher on-screen together with all its menus.

Can we have a Quick fix about this? This smartphone is the fair of bugs 🥲


  • FYI, no problem with niagara launcher.

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    I'm happy for you dude 👍 but i do not intend changing launcher after almost 10 years of supporting nova only because something related to asus' software/UI hates nova, this is clearly a bug 😕

    btw i have attached to this message a little video proof of the bug.

  • @Kleshar Can you share a screen recording? I'm unable to replicate the issue by following your description in the OP.

  • @Kleshar Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Default apps -> Home app

    Make sure it's set to Nova7.

  • that's the first thing I've done after having this bug. It does not work.

  • @Kleshar If you haven't already, please do the following:

    • Clear cache files system-wide through Mobile manager.
    • Uninstall & reinstall Nova Launcher.
    • If you have developer options enabled, see if the issue is resolved by disabling them.
    • If you're importing an older configuration in Nova, reset all settings to default and see if that works.
    • See if it also happens with system gesture navigation.
  • as with every bugdate , your suggestions are not working: I've tried all your steps without success. Also, there is another bug now (wow really?) and i don't even want to open another thread, it would be useless so i'm just writing it here 😅. Every time you send an OTA update, you fix one problem and break other stuff at the same time lol. Do you remember the ear-rape problem when playing vocal messages and receiving notifications at the same time from apps like telegram and whatsapp? Ok, so: you've fixed the problem with one update almost two months ago but you totally broke the volume control, so people couldn't lower/rise the volume when they were playing in-ear vocal messages. After a freaking month with this bug, you've sent another OTA update, the last one: oh yes, it has fixed the problem, now you can listen to your vocal messages without the risk of being ear-raped by notifications' volume and you can also control the volume of the vocal message... except for the fact that when you have other apps opened in the background, the Genius "zenfone" sometimes decides to lower the ringtone volume if you lower the volume of your vocal messages while playing them in-ear. I've found myself lot of times with silent mode enabled without reason or with my ringtone to minimum volume. Do you think this is normal, guys? Don't you think your smartphone deserves the title of "bugphone of the Year" 😅? As I've already said lot of times, I've had every kind of Android smartphone you could think of: from the cheapest low budget chinese entry-level phone from a semi-unknown company to the top-tier models from very famous companies. Trust me when i say that I've never had such a bad experience with an android smartphone like the zenfone 8. Your zenfone 8 defines the concept of "hardware does not make a smartphone great". The user experience and the software support is atrocious. Sorry but this is really enough for me. After spending 800€ for beta-testing this brick for months, I've decided to sell it today.

    Even though I'm really mad at you for putting this thing on the market, i would like to give you some suggestions. Here's my only two suggestions:

    - Beta test your phones before putting them on the market. I don't think it's correct to make people spend 600-800€ of device to buy a prototype, you've basically used (and you're still using) your customers to beta-test your device. From volcano-like temperatures during the first months of usage to awful user experience riddled with bugs, you 've got all the things wrong.

    - Change / better instruct your software engineers. They look like interns at their first working experience who can't beta test properly their OTA updates. They' re like: Fix one bug, generate five other problems.

    Goodbye and good life to everyone.👍

  • As I have mentioned in another thread as I had the same issue, disabling battery optimizations for Asus Launcher should fix the issue

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