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  • Using LTE it is very difficult to get 4 SOT (attempt at probably all the advice from the forum - basically I don't see any difference in battery mode, screen refresh rate, switching off data transmission over the cellular network when connected to wifi). When I'm outside the wifi the battery runs out even when the phone is idle.

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    I think I fixed my issue by killing the phone entirely with an heavy game (real racing next). I was able to play for 35 minutes at 12% left. After letting it die, i also disabled temporarily the charge limit, to let it fully calibrate. Since yesterday, i got 1h15 SOT and i am still at 86%... (I always used 80-90% limit and also never let it reach 0%). This 120Hz battery durable btw

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    One thing I want to ask.

    After update to .22 there are prompt in settings to enable smart mode (when you look to display and hold phone vertically...)

    So I enabled it and now when I call during the conversations I hear some sounds from camera (which are usually happen when I switch on dispaly and face recognition start its work).

    I'm not sure if two these things connected between each other, but enyone else experiencing this? I'm not sure, but I think that face recognition shouldn't work during call when my phone is near my ear. It's kinda distracts. :)

  • This is what I meant. The accuracy of the percentage is way off balance.

  • after the update i observe the bad behavior of the automatic brightness, even the slow reaction to the ambient light.

  • Thanks for the information.

  • It is stickied at the top of the Zenfone 8 forum section.

    To sign up, you go through your device's Software Update page.

  • Now yes, two days ago it wasn't there 😬

    But thanks, I already registered!

  • Hi all. I have a question.

    If i sign in for the beta testing of Android 12, the final stable release will be pushed through OTA, or i will need to format the phone, flashing it with previous stable version etc.?

  • Generally, it has all been done with FOTAs for the previous Zentalk Betas.

    HOWEVER, as this is still a BETA, there is always an increased risk that some bug(s) may occur which may need a reset. If you choose to sign up, and subsequenty also get selected (we wont be able to accomodae everyone who sign up , in the first wave) - we recommend backing up important data.

    If you value a more trouble free experience, we would recommend waiting for the final release.

  • Since the last update, the "contacts" app won't launch (or update anything).

    Can't flush the cache, can't do anything (stop and restart, or reboot)...

  • Well... Thank you for the explanation. I will skip the beta testing. In general i was curious about the new UI.

    Now i will sit back and wait for the sudden "ramdump" death... 🤣

  • After this update, the ringtone for incoming call is no longer being played through the headset that's connected via headphone jack. It rather plays call ringtone through phone speakers.

  • Hi, this is the default Android behavior. Exists on other devices that we've tried as well.

    When the ringtone is set to ring - plugging in headsets will make it ring in both the speakers and the headset. (We verified this as well on our own devices).

    When the ringtone is set to vibrate -> device vibrates and the ringtone plays in the headset.

    The behavior is consistent so far we tested on devices (Pixel 4, Samsung S10, Oneplus 8 Pro - as of their respective firmwares today) - and I assume it is there to ensure devices remain on ring even if on a table with headphones plugged in.

  • Hi CH_ASUS, I have attached my settings. Thing is, it does not play ringtone through headset and this started only after last update.

  • I see.

    And can you share which brand of 3.5mm headphones? Or is it via usb-c?

    If you restart your device, does it persist - as in only ring through the speakers and not the headset?

    Could you show your settings in Sound & Notifications also?

  • It's Bayerdynamic ones connected via 3.5 mm. I tried restarting and will report later on if it helped.

  • No, still does not work, no ringtone played through headset.

  • I have latest .22 FW and latest Skype from Play Market.

    When my phone is connected to car audio via Bluetooth and I made call - all is ok, but when I switch sound source from BT to speakerphone or speaker my call immidiatelly ends up. Is it bug of Skype or latest FW? Can someone please try to reproduce it?

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    @CH_ASUS any updates on this, were you able to replicate issue? Today I noticed one thing, that it does not play ringtone through headphones, but as soon as I took phone out of my pocked (instead of answering with headset controls as I do usually) it immediately started playing ringtone through headset. Did this update change something with pocked mode? Cause it seems somewhat related if it plays ringtone only once phone is not detecting it is in the pocket. And as I mentioned earlier, this problem started occurring only after latest update. However, upon answering that call there was no sound, other party could hear me, but there was nothing on my side, I had to call again. Not sure if this was network issue or phone issue again, will try to replicate it next time I get a chance.

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