Refresh Rate Service and Pannel Overdrive Mode not visible after latest Armoury Crate Update On ROG

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  1. System: Laptop
  2. Battery or AC: Both Battery and AC
  3. Model: G713QR-HG128TS
  4. Frequency of occurrence: After Latest Update of armoury Crate
  5. Reset OS: OS reinstall done but still not fix
  6. Screenshot or video: Screenshots attached


Detailed description:Hello , I have an issue regarding the latest update of Armoury Crate in My Asus ROG strix g17 G713QR-HG128TS , on which I cannot see the PANNEL OWERSAVE MODE and PANNEL OVERDRIVE MODE options . I have tried installing the softwares from the website but that too didn't help . Also a reinstallation of the OS ( windows 10 ) is done but still same .

Those two options are gone from there . How to bring back those two options ?


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