Opinion about ASUS

While the company did lose some points on tech support, Asus made up for it with its well-designed, affordable, and innovative laptops. Top reviews score: Asus earned a high 36 out of 40 in our review scores section. It also earned a 5-star, Editor's Choice rating for the Asus. It's quite good to use.


  • Have to disagree here entirely, while ASUS has some extremely good laptops, these are very specific ones and few at that.

    Most midrange ASUS notebooks are quite lacking in many ways and have tons of questionable design choices which makes them hard to recommend over other options, however in the high end segment ASUS is quite top tier. It's pretty much the same with their motherboards, their cheaper ones are so hardcore watered down that they are laughable while their high end lineup is absolute top tier.

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