2FA application not pushing notifications

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As it says in the title, most often I am not getting notifications from 2FA app (Smart-ID) and it's really annoying to have to open app manually every time. I have application setting Display over other apps set to allowed, not sure what else I could do that it would push notifications? I used same app for over 5 years on different Android phones and never had this issue, only with Zenfone 8.


  • check here first;

    Settings - Battery : "Auto-start manager"

    Make sure your 2FA-app is ticked, as in is allowed to auto-start. Generally this should be allowed by default already (but perhaps it was turned off by accident, or some bug).

    If it was not ticked - i.e. not allowed to autostart - this may fix the issue.

    You can also additionally try :

    Longpress the app icon.

    Battery -> "Background app management"

    Turn the toggle to "off"- which prevents the system from hibernating it after a period of no usage.

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