Headset inputs delay

raimundas78raimundas78 Level 2
edited October 2021 in ZenFone 8

One of the issues I have with the phone is that play/pause button on headset has incredible delay, sometimes up to around 10 seconds. It took me some time to figure this out, cause I just thought it does not work, apparently if you wait long enough the action takes place. I have tried the same headset with two different phones (LG and OnePlus) and there is no such issue.


  • @raimundas78 Please specify which headset model we're talking about as well as the music app you're using.

  • Model is: Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD In-Ear Studio Headset and I'm using Spotify. Just to add, this is only for play/pause function, volume up/down works fine, also double press play/pause to skip song or answer the phone call works just fine. My point was to see if anyone else has this problem, as I agree that this can be both on headset and phone end. However, as I mentioned headset works fine with other phones.

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