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after 2 months of a really satisfying experience with my Zenfone 8, I encountered a major display problem today:

Without any warning, message or explanation, the display colors turned very dark and greenish, with a heavy contrast. It hurts my eyes looking at it and I can't find any settings to change this. Display settings are on "Dark mode" and Standard (color settings) since the beginning.

It looks like a hardware failure but I sincerely hope, you guys can help me with this.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,



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    Hi @fw,

    Could you take a picture of the display with a secondary device?

    Try to reboot your device in safe mode (long-press 'Power off' button until asked to reboot in safe mode) and check if the display looks the same.

    If continue looking the same way, please backup your data and perform a factory reset.

    You could also open SMMI test and perform a display test. To test with SMMI:

    Open calculator> type .12345+= >single test> display test> start

    Let me know if the issue persists.

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    Hello and thanky for your advice.

    I tried to reboot into safe mode - not working. I can't get the option to choose "safe mode". If I long-press Power Off, I can shutdown the device, reboot (normal) or do a emergency call.

    I performed a display test, results positive. No display failure.

    I took some screenshots. Interestingly, the screenshots look quite normal, might indicate that there's nothing wrong with graphics but with the screen (display) itself.

    The other pics were taken with an IPhone, please excuse the bad quality. You can imagine, what my problem is. If you look at the apps, you can see that very dark black and almost only very dark or very bright black/white respectively colors. It hurts the eyes to look at the screen.

    Of course, I tried on different screen brightness levels - no difference.

    And yes, I do have a screen protection applied, but, no, it can't be the reason. I put it on just after receiving the phone 3 months ago. The display failure happened just a few days ago.

    Please tell me what to do next. I will not factory reset the phone just like this, having installed many apps and configured the phone so it fits my needs just properly.

    kind regards, Florian

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    That looks to be a display issue i.e. hardware related if screenshot is not showing the issue and safe mode is still showing the issue.

    Sounds like service centre is the best course of action, but I would still backup what you have because they will factory reset anyway.

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    Thanks, I had similar thoughts. Is there another way to boot into safe mode, since I still haven't fount out how to do this?

    Thank you and kind regards, Florian

    OK, I found out and booted into safe mode - same picture here, very heavy contrast, almost no greyscaling and very bright white...

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