Mic randomly stops working during calls

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During a call people stop hearing me for a while, it happens randomly, I've had this issue with ROG Phone 1, i thought the mic was broken and maybe it's time i upgrade, now I got the ROG Phone 5, and I have the exact same issue, has anyone encountered this problem or have a solution, I've already tried every basic diagnosis restart, reset, check if there is dust... Etc. From what I have been reading, Asus customer service doesn't seem to care.


  • Hi @xHisoka4x,

    Can you confirm that you are on the latest update 18.0840.2107.151?

    Also does this happen only during calls?

    You can perform and SMMI TEST to check that the microphone is working.

    For that open calculator and input .12345+= -> SMMI Test panel -> single test -> BoardMic3 test -> start.

  • Hello @Irene2_ASUS

    The Software is 18.830.2101.75 and it states "Your system is up-to-date"

    As far as I can tell, it only happens during calls.

    I've preformed the mic test as you mention and it seems to be working.

    Awaiting your response.

    Thank you,

    Best regards

  • Hi @xHisoka4x,

    I've notice you are running on an old firmware version that was released last March.

    Check your inbox for a PM from me with some follow up questions ;)

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