Rog phone 5 16gbRAM call volume to high

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I have a rog phone 5 16gb Ram 256 internal memoryand when i receive a call or talk to somebody, the volune it too high . At maximum level is like i am on speaker. At low volume it should be bearly noticeable but even then it is to high.

Also the sound is on bouth speakers, the bottom one and the top one.

What i can do. I have all the updates on this phone.


  • Hi @freakaleo,

    Can you specify your firmware version?

    Can you check if you notice a difference if you toggle loud speaker on a call and then toggle it off also during a call?

  • The problem was fixed by restarting the phone. It must been a bug. I am on the latest update. 18.0840.2109.176

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