External docking station issue

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Battery or AC: AC

Model: ASUS StudioBook 15H500GV

Frequency of occurrence: 

Reset OS: Windows 10 (21H1)

Screenshot or video: 


Detailed description:

Hey Folks, I´m trying to connect the laptop to an external docking, in this case, Corsair TBT100; the connection is through the USB-C with a Cable that the docking included w/ docking. When I connected the docking, Windows showed the messages   "USB or Thunderbolt device functionality might be limited" and Opened the Fix USB-C problems Microsoft page.

In my best understanding, the USB-C version 3.1 should support the external docking because when I used another one just to add one monitor, everything worked fine. Do you know if I need to download extra drivers or something like that? Also, I think the laptop doesn´t include the thunderbolt software to control the port.

I tried with other cables. However, the result is the same.



  • Hi there,

    The display signal that the type C is exporting is Displayport not Thunderbolt.

    As I search online, Corsair TBT100 is a Thunderbolt dock?

    Thank you.

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