ASUS ZenFone 8 hard bricked

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Hi Asus community.

I bought the Asus ZF8 back in June when it was released locally.

The phone served me well during this time, however yesterday the phone just stopped working. I put it on quick charge for a few minutes, then took it outside and when I clicked the power button to turn it on again, nothing happened - black screen. Charging doesn't help ( original charger and cable ), and also no key combination works whatsoever.

This is an original phone, with no mods. Firmware on the last version, but I have noticed some heating issues.

Is there anything I can do on my side before returning this for warranty ?


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    @frias.ivan If it's unresponsive there's not much we can do from here - best you contact a local ASUS service center and let them know of your issue.

    I'll also send you a PM with some follow-up questions regarding your device. Check your Zentalk inbox!

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