Phone shutdown @battery just below 20%



  • Reset your phone.

  • k_huatk_huat Level 2

    It got shutdown again y'day at battery around 10% again...

    Anyone experienced like my case? I recalibrate the battery three weeks ago n it got back to normal use from 100% down to 0%. But now this shutdown issue happen again y'day...

  • As I prefer not to be defeatist I prefer that this be another cause but otherwise you have the answer if you answer yes to the following questions.

    Have you never encountered this symptom on your previous smartphones? A little before buying a new one?

  • k_huatk_huat Level 2
    edited October 8

    Never encounter this issue before in my previous model of Samsung, HTC, oppo, Huawei...

    At least my experience with my previous phone is that I have a chance to use it until red blinking notification alert me n I'll charge my phone at 7or8%

  • You must change your phone before 2 or 2 1/2 years of use then, this is the average time of battery life with normal use (before the average increase in temperature of use and the generalization of super fast chargers, this duration I think will be considerably reduced, except perhaps at Oppo and Oneplus which maintains a voltage of 5V (or 10v but 5v per battery when the device has 2))

    In short, there are 2 causes

    1) The most common, the battery lost + 20% of its capacity, when there is little reserve it is no longer able to deliver what the smartphone requires. it usually starts when the phone reads 10, then 20, 30, and 40% over the months.

    2) The phone does not agree with the remaining battery capacity, the battery needs to be recalibrated, it is not normal after such a short time after the last calibration. 3-4 months is more reasonable time.

    The battery is not removable on recent devices, the warranty should apply to the ENTIRE device and not 6 months or less as is often the case

    it is an abusive clause which can be defended so that the manufacturer takes over the whole in guarantee or after a reasonable time a part (disassembly / reassembly), but hey, I have the impression that apart from in Europe, it seems difficult in the rest of the world. It should only be seen in EU that we have 2 years warranty.

  • k_huatk_huat Level 2

    Yes, I change my phone every year previously.. But after I got broke I have to stay with my last phone Huawei p9 for 4+ years n I never encounter all the issues I posted for Asus (maybe older version smart phone is more stable I guess?)

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