Does somebody know about Asus Vivobook X412FL card reader specification ?

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I really like to know the Vivobook X412FL card reader specifications in detail. I had a new drone from DJI, Mavic Mini 2 which came along with the 4K capabilities. As the first result, in 1080p video some times broken video frames happen. If I try 4k video, it won't last long. My MicroSD card blaming for that comes in SDHC 6 class gen.

I urgently needed to shoot video in 4k and was willing to buy a new microSD card at a higher speed as needed. Maybe at this forum, somebody could explain to me, which microSD speed class should be compatible with my Vivobook X412FL.

Kindly appreciate any matter regarding this.



  • Hi there,

    Do you have some SD card in hand or expected to use?

    Let us know the brand or model and we will double check on it.

    Thank you.

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