Major android updates !

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Hello Asus mods

It's high time that Asus take a firm step especially regarding Android os upgrades, your stubbornness to stick to only one major upgrades will be your biggest downfall in Asian markets.

These days nearly all brands e.g Xiaomi, Realme and now even Iqoo are providing devices with superior specifications and most importantly 2 major android upgrades with 3 years of security upgrades. A company should be risk taking and should always try to introduce new things, not just releasing new techs aheads of every other brand. I know Asus you guys might be thinking that customers wil keep buying your Rog phones because they are always equipped with the latest techs. But what's the point of having the best hardware when it doesn't even have necessary updates and stability. Days by day I see a lot Rog phones which being reselled by the customers after using it for a month or few.

Even having high quality amoled display Rog 3 doesn't have DC dimming, you guys unable to fix black crush issues making users to either rely on custom kernels or use device at 60hz because the visual experience is so pathetic that users even shame to show their devices to their friends and family. My mom asks me what's the point of spending your hard earned ₹58,000 INR when your device just keep showing this and that issues ? And yes she is right, there are many guys like me who bought Rog 3, 5 by paying so much in order to use it for couple of years but the truth is it is not even usable for even 10/11 months. Like I posted earlier my device went dead I got it back after 37 days, which again I sent back to service centre as their pathetic work does make the device unusable.

Atlast, this isn't a rant post.. the point here to tell you Asus that it's high time you guys open up your eyes and do something atleast in software department because your condition atleast in Asian markets is laughable.


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