Why service center is deliberately formatting the phones?

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I have submitted my device for display replacement, the service center are telling me that as ASUS's instruction they have to format the device after repair.

Is it really necessary to format our data. Just to get it repaired ?

They also asked for device's PIN. So, what about my right of privacy?



  • Hi jkladola,

    As far as I know, it is always mentioned and known to backup your phone/ Factory reset and then submit it to the service center.

    Also, the service center needs to perform many test software/hardware in that process the phone needs to be formatted it is a general process and not just ASUS specific.

  • Thanks for reply,

    Would you mind telling how one can take backup after screen is broken ? I have a backup up to last week. but, what about last week ?

    Samsung, Xiomi, onePlus replaces screen within 2 hours(for limited number of models and also they do not format the phones). So, why can't ASUS do the same ?

    Hardware testing could be done in BIOS they do not require OS access for that, hence, do not require my password/pin.

    As long as Software tests concerned...We could format the device after the hardware is repaired and final backup taken.

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