Potential cause of completely dead Rog5 phones

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First of all I want to mention this is a theory, but it seems to be rather solid and would like to ask people to give some information regarding their Rog5 phones death.

So as you guys know it isnt exacly unusual to kill your Rog5, every time one of these phones die they have been shorted. Today I had a talk with a guy on my discord and I explained to him how the modes work on a charger and a phone, however I was unsure which voltages the Rog3 supported so I took a look on the charger and there I found a potential culprit for our issue.

It seems the charger supports 20v mode, which is way to much for any phone to handle to my knowledge, if a powersurge like that gets blasted through the phone no wonder it will destroy the power IC.

As some people know, there is a certain communication between a charger and a phone, meaning the phones IC will tell the charger which mode to use and the charger will comply, however if this communication messes up, it can result in a catastropihc failure, much like some people have experienced here.

In order to investigate a little more I would like Rog5 users with completely dead phones (not powering on, black screen) to tell me:

  • Did your phone die while charging?
  • Did you use the original Rog charger?
  • Does your charger support 20v mode (look on the bottom of the charger for this)

If this theory holds water then I strongly suggest you get yourself a charger that supports max voltage of 12v, I believe the 20v mode is reserved for ASUS's low end notebooks and is absolutely not intended for mobile phones.

This also goes for the Rog3 users, altho its very rare the rog3 dies from this, there have been cases where the rog3 would die while charging, i had 3 cases reported to me and all 3 had been while charging.

I will repeat this, this is merely a theory right now, so do not quote this as a fact until we got way more data on this.



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    Just a side note that might be totally wrong or just a coincidence.. I could ask a mod to delete this comment if it's totally unrelated but many issues I saw were only with CN -> WW converted devices.

    I can only speak about XDA but the very large majority (actually all I saw, but not all answered their phones origin) said they bought a CN -> WW converted phone. As said maybe this is just a coincidence but a software issue in that convertion might eventually have something to do with the phone requesting for more voltage - especially since CN versions are shipped everywhere in the world + they are cheaper.

    Of course here are many use cases with WW versions as well - so it might be bullshit - but it seemed suspicious to me a few months ago.

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    Theres a Possibility as software glitches and fails proper communication with ic and charger

    If if thats not the case than what i am saying can be a BS 😂

  • I think the coincidence is more than likely caused by the fact that the market where the Rog5 is mostly being sold is in Asia, meaning most phones are obviously going to be tencent models that are crossflashed. I don't think the VRM of global vs tencent are any different, at least I would be shocked if they were.

    Not only that but in the western world its common to get a replacement unit or rather fast service, while especially in india, we have a pleatera of horror storries regarding low performing service centers which obviously makes the user find even more help on XDA, Zentalk and the like. It's still worth investigating tho, I mean we have had quite some surprises in the past.

    Also turns out some phones do support 20v, xiaomi 120w phones for instance, so they do exist, however I start to doubt that the Rog series likes 20v mode or rather is built for it.

    Just a sidenote i feel like mentioning.

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    There is something called hard brick of a phone not because of charging so the theory about phones dying doesn't mean it's because charging.

    Danish is asking only charging questions, which makes this topic very bias.

    For example, if only people who had dead ROG during charging, those people would be responding to this post and that does not represent the cause of the issue but it maybe one of many causes.

  • I know you two arguing in another post so lets keep that aside and well he said its a theory and as we all know that so many rog phones are dying while plugged in charging or soon after removing from charger

    For example, if only people who had dead ROG during charging, those people would be responding to this post

    so gathering information at point can might be helpful and it may (or maybe not but left be optimistic) help asus themselves to investigate into a strong direction if this thread receive fair and on point comments about the scenario danish has mentioned

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    No one is arguing, if Danish thinks that was very good then he needs to chill.

    I am just pointing out the obvious before people is taking this post seriously. That's all.

  • For the moment I do not use it / anymore.

    The operation is too haphazard in my opinion.

    Constant charge operation no longer works since .151, it is still fast charging.

    The connection dialogue is random whatever the type of charger (not asus (see above), standard chargers 1A and 2A)

    - He always asks starting with .500, ok but afterwards, either he stays there, or he asks for 1200 and stays there, it is necessary to unplug-reconnect or turn it off so that the dialogue is correct and ends with the charger can provide it (1900 in this case). With the same capacity at the start of course)

    Switching on the Rog Phone 5 with a charger plugged in (Asus and not Asus, low or side usb port) is also random, power on 3, 5, 8, 10s whatever the time or the number of times, it displays when charging but do not switch to Android start

    The Rog Phone 5 should be able to withstand 20v, that's what the charger delivered with it suggests.

  • Interesting observation you make there.

    I think the question we may have to ask isn't if it should sustain 20v, but if it can sustain 20v. Given from the dead Rog5 phones I know of they were all on charger when getting a black screen of death.

  • Thread cleaned. I'll leave it open as long as you keep the discussion on-topic and avoid unnecessary arguments.

  • No it cannot because on is a short that causes batteries to explode. How many rog5 were on fire? Exacly 0.


  • @Danishblunt Interesting insights. I charge with the original Asus charger, which has 20V. I don't know if it matters, but in the battery settings, I checked "stable charge" for ultra-stability. I do not know what it is, because when I charge the smartphone, it displays the information Hyper charging 65, the smartphone itself charges quickly. I also have a limit of up to 90% of charging. I wonder if the people who got damaged Rog Phone 5 had the options as above attached and if it has any impact on their damage.

  • There are 3 types of charge provided, fast 65w, stable 30w and ultra stable 18w

    Unfortunately, with firmware 151, the 3 options give the same measured charging time, the time indicated is very different depending on the selection.

    I no longer use the Asus charger while waiting for a correction, a bug on the battery management is too important to be taken lightly. I am going to do more rigorous tests again starting from the same level of charge of 10% up to 80% to stay on a linear range with two different chargers, because I just saw that the Motorola charger of the G8 + is compatible with the dialogue of the Rog5 which indicates 15w, 12w, 9w depending on the selection, which is disturbing, because it is not supposed to know these values while the ASUS values could have been written in hard.

    I will keep you posted in several days, it will make me play a lot to discharge the battery 6 times.

  • If you want to measure charge speed why not just use an app like ampere that measures current in real time? Sounds easier.

  • Many reasons

    - battery technology has evolved with the possibility for the OEM to control the types of loads, the bypass and more particularly for the Rog 5 with these two batteries that Android does not yet know. (like dual SIM at the start).

    - Rare are the applications which are compatible with these new technologies and the diiferent types of measurements and values ​​returned by the devices to the applications (mA, uA, inverted, etc.), others are not standard on some devices ( Samsung is a good example)

    - Ampère announces these limits quite clearly, moreover, it is really not the best application for the Rog 5, try 3C Battery Manager if you want a much more compatible and low-resource application

    - Other applications are coded with the feet, use a high load of resources.

    - None of these applications can detect a faulty charger that will send the wrong voltage for example.

    - In short, I prefer an Android as clean as possible and use a USB tester which takes the information directly from the charger.

  • Don't know about this man, I use cool tool, I can pretty clearly see the differences in current of the steady charge modes and bypass in real time. Not the voltage though, that's true.

    • Did your phone die while charging? - Yes
    • Did you use the original Rog charger? - Yes, and cord
    • Does your charger support 20v mode (look on the bottom of the charger for this) - Yes

    Phone dead as a doornail after being on the charger for 15 minutes. Hot as a flame to hold. Not turning on at all. Oddly enough yesterday I used my USB tester after reading this post out of curiosity. I took some pictures but they are on the dead phone lol.

    regardless of mode (Unrestricted, steady, or ultra steady) charger always put out 16V-17V.

    The main fluctuation was the amps. These pics are old, I posted them on XDA awhile back. These pics reflect the ultra steady option only. Like I said, other pics are on the dead ROG 5.

    Hopefully this helps narrow down where the problem is.

  • Gotta love automatic backups of photos and data lol.

    Here you go.

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    I wouldn't discount myself so quickly friend,I have had strange behaviour when either using a phone that's been flashed prior delivery with a WW OS ,and equally strange behaviour when I updated my Zen 7 with a CN version instead of a WW version.

    Personally I think you may be onto something ☺️

  • I did not die on charging, there is no charging connection at all, the motherboard was changed

    obsurdical theory

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