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I have an ROG 3 and an ROG 5 Ultimate edition and I have them connected to my Asus ZenBook through the link to MyAsus app. I currently have the ROG 3 connected via the docking station to a secondary flatpanel with the twin view mode, so I can run games on the secondary screen while I can still use the primary screen on the phone. While the primary screen is displayed on the laptop, when I move my mouse on the container screen, I can also lock it to the secondary (the functionality is beautiful!).

My question is can I use my ROG 5 to link to MyAsus app to control the ROG 3 through the link to MyAsus app, or is there any way I can link just the two phones together and control either phone with the other? And possibly invert control to just my laptop to seamlessly switch from each of them? I currently have screen extend through the priority device connection, but I want to mirror the other phone and use both functions at the same time as both phones displayed on my laptop while I can switch control from either one or all three... is this possible or something that may be available in the future or through a separate third party app like remote desktop or some such non proprietary mechanism that is not solely interfaced through the Link to MyAsus app? As I am sure this is not a difficult task using the described third party app, I would really appreciate it if there is some solution to link the two phones together to mirror or extend each other through the Link to MyAsus app. If this is possible or something that can be worked on that would be the most innovative and interactive experience using all my devices at once.

I currently own almost all exclusive Asus devices as they are (in my opinion) the worlds best device manufacturer. I would even like to see the VR headset be able to work on this as well although I have not gotten that far into completely integrated absolutely all of the devices I have. However I did notice that my zenwatch for a time was connected as a microphone taking off some of the burden of having to hook up another connection as the array of all the microphones on the phones and the laptop, headset, and watch would constitute somewhere in the realm of around 12 microphones.

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