Is the stylus pen (SA201H) bundled with the UX582 Zenbook meant to include a battery?

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  1. System: N/A
  2. Battery or AC: Battery not included
  3. Model: SA201H
  4. Frequency of occurrence: 100%
  5. Reset OS: N/A
  6. Screenshot or video: N/A


Detailed description:

Just bought a brand new UX582 Zenbook Pro Duo which I am very excited about! Of course I have anticipated a bit of establishment time and a learning curve to get everything operational. I have identified the stylus pen model that comes bundled with the UX582 (UX582LR-H2014R) is the SA201H, which was included in the original packaging. It did not come with a battery. Is this unexpected?

(Nor did it come with any sticker to save a battery from being run down while in storage. The entire battery compartment was simply empty.)

The individual product technical specifications for an individual SA201H stylus pen lists the package contents as follows: "Active stylus pen x1 / QSGx1/ AAAA Alkaline Batteryx1/ Replaceable tip x1". However, I cannot assume that the full package for the pen would be the same when bundled, but I find it surprising to imagine that the battery would be part of the package if sold separately and not included as part of a bundle with a pretty high spec laptop.

[Additional query: Since I did not receive a battery (and cannot find any quick start guide either), can I also ask if the "replaceable tip" is an additional tip to the one inserted in the pen or is this a spare? I already know that I go through nibs on my stylus' (e.g. for my phone) fairly quickly and would like to be able to order additional nibs as well...]



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    My UX582 pen came with a battery inside. When I first unscrewed the end of the pen I thought it looked empty at first until I tapped it and the battery tumbled out. There was a circular plastic disk that I had to remove so the battery made contact.

    There is a downloadable PDF manual for the UX582 on the Asus web site.

  • In mine (UX482) there was a plastic covering the battery. It's there to prevent discharge while in stock, take it out and then the stylus should work.

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