When you try to warn people but they just refuse to listen

I made this video a while back:

Not only did I critize it for dumb design choices, also I did warn about it being rushed and likely buggy and causing all sorts of issues, but most importantly, i successfully predicted the death of Rog5 phones similair to Rog2. The sad part is, I gave ASUS more credit and assumed they would last longer than they do, but now reports are coming in left and right of dying Rog5.

I hope you people will now start listening to tech nerds in the future and not clueless reviewing clowns who tell you the most useless things you never asked for, if reviewers werent such useless people the rog3 would have been fixed because nobody would have purchased it due to its calibrated screens and ASUS would have learned from that mistake and wouldnt have released the Rog5 in such a pathethic state.


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    Edit: Ignore that post, I didn't watched your video and thought it was Jerry Rigs Video about the ROG 5 durability test...


    Did I miss anything in that video?

    Of course your break it but your post and your video have nothing in common besides the fakt that it didn't survive.

    You didn't say it's buggy and rushed at any time in the video. I really appreciate your tests but maybe it might be a good idea to explain a little bit clearer if you really think someone would understand the same thing here and in your video.

    However beside 2 minor "issues" (Bluetooth latency while gaming and scheduled charging doesn't work as I expected) I'm totally happy with the phone and it's the best phone I ever had.

    So far I'm super glad I didn't listen to this review because you nearly made me not buying this incredible phone.

    I wouldn't say we listen to clowns that tell us useless things. No criticism but most of the time I end up listening to the great audio those reviews are promoting than I try to lit my phone, bend or scratch it (actually that never happened to any of my phones. None of them ever bend, lit or had a single scratch) so I wouldn't rate your test over the others.

    Random side fact: my rubber on the side survived way longer than a week

  • That's rich, coming from literally nobody with 300 subs.

    99,9% of people who bought ROG will never know of your existence.

    Also. You managed to call someone "not exacly very intelligent" in literally two comments. I won't even bother scrolling through your video.

  • "That's rich, coming from literally nobody with 300 subs."

    Omg <.< It took me some time to get your comment but now I see my mistake

    I only looked at the preview picture and thought he was actually Jerry Rig.....


    Please ignore my first post in that case... My response was to your first post as it was related to JerryRigs Video

  • I shall await your "My rog5 doesn't turn on / no wifi / Ram DUMP screen" topic here and link you this this very comment. After that you will then have to rethink what is rich and bathe in the irony you're about to smash your head first into.

  • You act as if everyone will have these issues for sure.

    Keep in mind ROG phones are not so well known as Samsung or Xiaomi phones. Thus the people who buy these phones are very limited and mostly people who know the Internet thus even write in such forums in the first place.

    I guess most people who buy it and have an issue will come here sooner or later but only a few Samsung / Xiaomi users will ever write their problems in forums.

    What I'm trying to say is: You cannot compare the amount of bugs listed in this forum with other brands and say "ROG has more issues than XYZ because more people write here"

    Just judging from my experience so far most software issues came from people with CN -> WW converted devices. That's an important fact as well. Seems like the global version works better and resellers mess up more often. Not sure if you can take that into account.

    I don't want to protect Asus in general, I think their support and transparency is a total messy nightmare - but I doubt you can just look at the posts here and say "the phone will die for sure"

  • Because that's exacly what is going to happen. At the very least everyone will have their rog5 power IC dying like the Rog2, I'm not applying rocket science here, it's not a matter of "if", but when, wheter it's in 5 months or 1 year, it will eventually happen in a rather short period (under 2 years).

    That's exacly one of my points in the video, it's much rarer than big brands such as samsung to top it all off due to the TSMC chip shortages only very few Rog5 phones have been made, despite that people have already reported catastropic failures in a couple of days after release. If it was a mass produced phone in the millions and only 1 or 2 reports have been made of a catastropic failure then there is no problem. But we talk about maybe a couple of thousand phone on release and there have been reports of issues on multiple platforms. You do understand that it's severe don't you?

    That's simply untrue. Look at the Oneplus 8 pro for instance, the reports of its fail calibrated screen and punchhole problem were mass reported on their own forums, reddit and youtube almost instantly, infact it blew up way harder than ASUS rog3 which has the same problem. Do the experiemt, google "Rog 3 black crush" and look at the results, all you get are a couple of small topics and some sites claiming it has been fixed (lol). Now do the same with the Oneplus 8 pro, you will have pages uppon pages of people complaining about the issue, it's a literal bomb that detonated. This instantly disproves your theory, big brand customers complain as much as people who buy lesser known products if there are defects in their products.

    We arent talking about random software issues, we are talking about literal hardware problems and consistent software issues. Storage dying -> hardware issue, Power IC dying -> hardware issue, Wifi chip dying -> Hardware issue

    If someone writes, "Hey my UI doesnt work" then it's likely user caused, but if a ton of people write "After update x my speakers are worse" then it's not user related, it's seriously that simple.

    I can tell you for sure, the Rog5 will die for sure, the only question is how, wheter its due to older revision motherboard wifi chip dying, storage nuking itself similair to ZF8 or the power IC dying (ticking timebomb here).

    Pick your poison.

    I know you're trying to be objective here and arent trying to fanboy or anything, but if you look closer you will realize that I'm also just being objective here, I have just taken more steps to analyze the entire situation more than you have. If you look more into it, you will come to the same conclusion, the Rog5 is just an absolute mess and was way to rushed.

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