ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • @trevorgarrett100 if you asked me if i recommend this phone 3 weeks ago, i would have said yes, but now? Hell no. Hahaha. Its like a lottery, you might get a working phone, or get f*vk the next few days.

  • @irvin I've not got the refund yet. The phone is being collected tomorrow, I will update you with what happens.

  • @Lammy ah i see, goodluck.

  • I experience the same issue today, this is extremely disappointing for a global brand. Haven't even use the phone for 6 months and it already died.

    I was an advocate for Asus when I first bought the phone but with my own experience I would probably dissuade people from getting any products from this company. The quality is just terrible.

  • Numbers are going up by the day. As soon as mine is back from repair I'm selling it and never again am I going to recommend and buy anything Asus!

  • @HeLLKiTe welcome to the club of people who regrets buying asus. Lmao.

    1st thing, say goodbye to your photos or file which you havent uploaded to the cloud.

    2nd thing, asus doesnot give out refund or atleast a replacement unit. You just have to wait for your unit to be repaired.

    3rd, asus repair is terrible. They might leave some pry marks to your phone when repairing it.

    4th, goodluck.

  • My comment went missing lmao

  • @HeLLKiTe welcome to the club of people who regrets buying asus product lmao.

  • @marzvin yep, but it scary it might happen again while in the possession of the new owner and we might get the blame haha

  • Well the new owner can deal with it and if not happy that would be even more bad press for Asus. I think if Asus had a program of swapping the affected phones with replacement handsets and not leave us without any phones to use, that would be great, but alas, they don't care.

  • I have a question for unlucky ones. What version do you have, 128 or 256GB and how much of that storage did you use before it happened ?

  • 256gb, less than a month use worth of storage lmao.

  • I asked the same question.

    Both are affected. So far no info if that's caused by software or hardware fault. No info if phones that were fixed have the underlaying cause removed or it may happen again.

    If you live and bought the phone in the UE, remember to always make claims to the seller so you are guaranteed a money back if there is something wrong with your phone again. That's guaranteed by law.

    At least it works that way in Poland, but I'm quite sure our government couldn't come up with such idea by themselves, so it must be an UE law.

  • This is the reason why Asus cannot be in the competitive smartphone market, seems like there is no QC done and the after service is just terrible.

    If it's Apple, there's a high chance they will just replace it with a new unit.

    Lesson learned, never ever touch another Asus product again!

  • Another victim here....if we can just bombard sites like gsm arena, android authority or amazon with negative reviews then we should! to warn people not to patronize this brand.

    Quality is just terrible and service center told me there's a possible I won't be covered by warranty. WTF?! I just used the phone for 3+ months, what's the point of having warranty if I'm not able to claim?

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    @Gustav_ASUS do you still count cases reported on zentalk? maybe you already have some conclusions? Asus - does anyone live there? hello, time to get up!

    @HeLLKiTe why you may not be under warranty? Maybe it's a misunderstanding?

    "to warn people not to patronize this brand." - you're 100% right but it's a trap! you will not resell your shitphone8 to anyone! :D <LOL>

  • It looks like Asus is ignoring us... If these problems will be more and more global, we need to think about informing about them sites like gsmarena an other as you've mentioned. People should know the truth about quality of Asus products, support and service... Such a shame.

  • @daniel91m I bought the phone from retailer which is expected that they only offer 7 day warranty. Any issues after that should be covered by Asus themselves but somehow they are denying it.

    Then I don't know what's the use of having the warranty card inside the box if they're not gonna honor it.

  • @lukasz.szabelski agree! we should probably take screenshots before they start deleting and silencing victims like us

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