ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • h t t p s ://k-tai.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1364953.html

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  • - h t t p s ://k-tai.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1364953.html

  • Hello ! I recently bought a ZenFone 8 and saw that it was manufactured on 04.2021. Should this mean that it might be from one of those faulty batches?

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    Welcome to the club !!!! we hope it is not as bad as ours !!!

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    I am from Taiwan,

    my ZenFone 8 was bricked after 3 months.

    Asus won't refund your purchase price,

    instead they will keep asking you to repair it agian and again,

    until you give it up or change another phone.

    I hope you understand their bad quality and bad service,

    and please don't buy their product anymore.

    Keep away from Asus to save your valuable data.

  • Received back my unit today from the repair center.

    No signs of repair also the added repair report is empty. However it took them 3 weeks to complete the repair and it was almost 2 weeks on "Waiting for parts". So no clue on what they replaced.

    However it is working fine again.

  • After nearly a month I still don't have my phone back. ASUS service sucks.

  • they have a good few months since release and until now they are still unable to identify the problem, just shows how incompetent ASUS engineers are 🤦‍♂️

    Anyway this is good that more and more people are calling them out. 👍️

  • Usually it's management's fault, not the engineers. If they wanted to solve the problem, they would allow more time/money/people to be used toward the solution. We can only wonder why they aren't doing that.

  • Is here anyone who has ramdump issue and after motherboard changing by ASUS service this issue again occured?

  • I don't know about ZenFone 8 users but atleast ROG Phone 5 users have suffered from the failure again even after motherboard change.

    h t t p s ://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/54768/software-ramdump-issue

    h t t p s ://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/55447/asus-rog-phone-5-has-some-serious-hardware-issues

    h t t p s ://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/55380/my-rog-5-is-back-to-back-hardbrick-since-i-purchased-it-on-last-june-5-has-some-serious-hardware-issues

  • That's not a good sign....personally if you are able to sell the phone after having it fixed would be my best advice to relieve you of the anxiety on when the phone will brick again.

    Basically ASUS products cannot be trusted on their quality, it's like a ticking time bomb in your pocket.

  • My mind is changing about considering Asus a top and quality manufacturer.

    Asus has the obligation to inform users of the reason for the problem, which units are affected and if once it is repaired in the technical service it can happen again.

    It is true that Asus offers the repair solution, but you cannot live thinking that the phone could fail at any moment and have to constantly make backups. And in the case o a fault, spending several weeks without the phone. It has been many months since this problem was detected and ASUS does not clarify anything.

    I was a proud owner of my Zenfone 8 until it suddenly died and unfortunately I bought the phone on Aliexpress China and now I have no local warranty, ASUS cannot even repair it paying. I hope Aliexppress seller can handle the warranty in China, but it is another story.

    When Zenfone 8 was launched, I was impressed. It was the perfect phone for me. Now I have a nice expensive brick.

    I will have to go back to Xiaomi, they never fail or spend my money on an Iphone mini (very expensive, but finally is cheaper than to buy a unreliable Zenfone 8).

    Perhaps Asus is thinking that giving a solution to all Zenfone users in the world is expensive, but it will really be more expensive if they do not give the solution and explanation of the problem of their phones. Zenfone 8 sales will fall and who will buy "Zenfone 9"?

    You can find many threads about Zenfone 8 bricked or died on internet an this is no good for Asus as a Top manufacturer if this situation not changes.

  • reading all these stuffs makes me nervous with my 2 week old zenfone 8... Hopin it won't happen to mine

  • topic slowly slows down

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    Received mine back from repair 27.11, repair took a month in Norway, motherboard was changed, no working better than ever...

  • Does your Chinese seller with Aliexpress agree to send your phone for service? He refuses everyone and does not want to take the phone for repair. What is the name of your salesperson?

  • Did you mean "now" instead of "no"? :D

    What do you mean by better than ever? Battery life? Overall performance? No heating? What exactly?

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