ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • this is terrible - you are the case number 47. The same number of cases for mfd 04.2021 and 05.2021.

  • My Phone is now under a Stress Test at Asus Service Center in Poland and it can take up to 48h.

    Hopefully it can't be seen that it has been opened and repaired.

  • The numbers are going 👆. Why can't Asus do the right thing and call this phone back!

  • Sending it for service... Tried pretty much everything i could think of - more details on the xda thread.

    What's the best way of asking for a refund?


    • key combos - no go, phone always boots to EDL (Qualcomm qpst could write the fw but i didn't attempt for the waranty)
    • Letting the battery drain made it worse - phone 'turns on' (it's seen by the pc and heats up a tiny bit) but i no longer get the log - screen no longer turns on/phone no longer attempts whatever it was trying to do.
    • On battery drain red led flashes for a while while it gets the charge so something is still working

  • All have exactly the same symptoms, this indicates that the cause of the breakdown is the same for everyone.

    We still need information from ASUS about what exactly breaks down on the motherboard.

    Many have bought a smartphone in another country and cannot take advantage of the local warranty.

  • My 4 month old Zenfone 8 just did exactly as mentioned here. I cannot take it to a service center because it is an international version and I am in US, or so I am told. This seems crazy.

  • After the call ended, I left it on the table.

    It malfunctioned in the same way.

    It has not been charged.

    It has been 40 days since I started using it.

    256G model ZS590KS

    MFD: 2021.07

    I have to send it for repair.

    I would like a refund, not a repair.

    From Japan

  • We're now upto at least 50 cases, on this thread alone, and still no official statement from Asus. Shocking to say the least!

  • They no they sold a faulty phone, so they won't admit. They will just sit it out, and leave the consumers worrying daily, that their phone could die any time!

  • As I said before, mods will do nothing. Maybe they just ban us here, so we won't bother them anymore 😜

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    Since there are bricked phones with MFD ranging 2021.04 - 2021.07 I don't think that it is just a faulty batch. Instead, I think that it might some kind of design flaw and could be related to WiFi issue that ROG Phone 5 is having. Note, that the fix is once again a motherboard replacement.

    - h t t p s ://piunikaweb.com/2021/10/25/asus-offering-replacement-for-those-affected-by-rog-phone-5-wi-fi-issue/

    Having said that, many ROG Phone 5 users say that the Wi-Fi and Hotspot function is not working for them. A simple Google search reveals that the Wi-Fi issue with ROG Phone 5 is rampant with potentially thousands affected.

    ROG Phone 5 owners say they have tried contacting Asus but to no avail. However, some who went to the service center said that Asus has replaced the motherboard on their devices and that it has resolved the Wi-Fi not working issue for them.

    While some suggested that the issue was caused by a faulty software update, it looks like the hardware is to blame since many users say Asus is either offering a replacement or refunding the device amount.

    According to user reports, WiFi breaks after a random reboot. There are reports with both ROG Phone 5 and Zenfone 8.

    - h t t p s ://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/comment/187194#Comment_187194

    My phone too suddenly switched off and now neither WiFi nor hotspot is turning on... I did everything but nothing is happening...

    - h t t p s ://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/53862/wifi-and-hotspot-zenfone-8-issue

    just in 4 month the wifi and hotspot cant turn on. before it happen my phone suddenly shutdown by it own. i turn back it on and the wifi cant connect. now i already send it to asus servis center for claim warranty.

    My theory is that something is breaking components on the motherboard with these phones. Maybe it is the heat or something else. If you are facing WiFi issues maybe wlan modem died and for ramdump issue maybe flash chip?

    Both models are facing WiFi and ramdump issues. Ramdump issue is more common with Zenfone 8 and WiFi issue with ROG Phone 5.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    From what i've read that wifi and hotspot issue is due to some wifi chip issue partly due to the snapdragon 888(maybe something faulty with it)? Xiaomi sd 888 phone had a similar issue

  • To be exact, the problem with Xiaomi (Mi 11 especially) lies with the Pseudo Solder, which affects certain chip(not wifi nor hotspot chip) and caused the no wifi issue.

    Me unfortunately, bought the Mi 11 early this year and encountered the same problem. While waiting for my Mi 11 to repair, I bought the Zenfone 8 to use. Guess what? My zenfone 8 got ramdump issue !! FML!!😭

  • Same here. Ramdump during last night. 2021.10.25. Can't get out from the screen. No button combination helps.

  • It is first batch: MFD: 2021.04

    But as I see from many comments it is not really related to batch.

  • The issue is getting some attention:

    - h t t p s ://piunikaweb.com/2021/10/26/zenfone-8-rog-phone-5-crashing-bricking-ramdump-issue-surfaces/

    Asus ZenFone 8 and ROG Phone 5 bricking issue seems like a big concern that needs to be immediately acknowledged by the company. However, till now, there is no statement from Asus as to why this is happening.

  • It´s all a bit strange.

    Acc. to Asus Status Page my device was repaired and under stresstest which could take up to 48h.

    Then received the message the a sparepart with a long lead time is required and further information will follow.

    Now the last massage is that it is again back under repair or could be repaired.

    Fingers crossed.

  • They don't care, I didn't have mine back, until a month and a half.

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