ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



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    @Gustav_ASUS, been waiting from the 7th of September when my phone was picked up. Surely this can't be right? Now nearly a month is this acceptable?

  • Has anyone encountered ramdump issue again after 1st repair?

    I am worried to continue using as it just like a time-bomb to me. Really cannot afford to lose all my data the 2nd time.

  • atoia68atoia68 Level 2

    You can inform the technical staff to improve the fingerprint !!!!! nine times out of ten it doesn't work.

    Thank you

  • atoia68atoia68 Level 2

    From the updates section of the smartphone Asus proposes on Zenfone 8 the subscription to the beta program for Android 12 .... Considering the bugs that a new system could have, I will not install beta Android 12 !!!! I already have too many problems with the smartphone let alone if I start being a guinea pig for Android

  • Hello to everyone.I have the same problem.I've lost ny phone on 11/9/2021 and I haven't it yet((Service told me that they are waiting for details 🥴

    Did anyone solve this problem?What service told you?Did you received your phone back?

  • I left my phone for repairs at 30 aug, that's 5 weeks and still going. The retailer wont give me any estimates anymore other than pointing to 'slow chains' with their servicepartner (Asus). They are even opening for the possibility of further damage caused to the phone (during repairs?). Asus own ETA is now also passed as of yesterday.

    I have made written claims with reference to consumer rights of which they (retailer) have declined, or at this point, wont even bother responding to.

    Zenfone 8 is fault and should by all means be recalled!

  • I would like to gather information on the production date of all motherboard damage cases (ramdump and others). Please write the MFD and beginning of the series from the box of your damaged smartphone and damage date. I don't know how the serial number is encoded, so I'm skipping it. I'll start first:

    1. MFD: 2021.04 / damage date 08.2021

  • BlumiBlumi Level 1


    Check xda (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/phone-wont-boot-to-android-stuck-on-ramdump.4317145/page-2)

    I suppose three others with MFD:2021:04,

    one with '05.

    They have nicknames I have not encountered before.

  • MFD 2021/04

    Ramdump 2021/08

  • atoia68atoia68 Level 2

    MFD 04/2021

    Ramdump 09/2021

  • RockeRRockeR Level 1

    Mfd 2021.05

    Ramdump 26.09.2021

  • MFD: 2021.05

    Ramdump 23.09.2021

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    Update on my case: nothing new via email, opened a case at the European Commission "Online Dispute Resolution a few days ago.

    Just now UPS sent me an email telling me that a package is scheduleded for delivery from Asus. When I look the RMA tracking, it says repair is complete, even though their last reply stated that their response wouldn't change.

    So very good news for me, weird communication from Asus but I guess they finally agreed? Wanted to keep you guys informed. (if you don't remember, they wanted 500€ for the repair because I had an unlocked bootloader)

  • Dont worry I am writing on there too, also commetning on all Asus ads I see on FB as well as on HUKD. Like you say - lets try save a few other poor souls from this trash.

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    Ramdump 28/9/21

  • Anyone who purchased in UK and was clever enough to go down the credit card route - suggest looking at Section 75 protection route instead with your credit card. I was an idiot and used paypal, but trying the same thing with them before trying credit card company route

  • MFD: 2021.5

    Ramdump: 01.10.2021

  • @tioantua Please check your Zentalk inbox for a PM from me. 🙂

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    I have the same ramdump issue and the same demeaning service from our local asus center and the retailer..

    Only 3 months old in the original packaging and I'm without my phone for a week now.

    Support and lab technicians have zero patience and no awareness for customers services.

    Refusal to pass me to the manager to compliant, every communicating cost me at least 1 business day (that's the smallest increment asus appear to be able to do anything)

    If I had gone to any other lab or manufacture I've got the phone back on an hour or at least with a temporary replacement phone.

    The Warranty include the phone pickup and retrieval from the customer home and yet an hour ago I got an messages from them stating to come and take the device (which is located half the country south from my home) and if no one will pick it up in 90 days they will destroy the phone.

    And they are refusing to replace to a new unboxed phone so I have no doubt that I'll start all of this again in the future ( probably after the warranty will expire)

    Some nice quotes from asus support:

    - "we're not a phone company so we can't supply temporary replacement..."

    - "we're Asus, not a phone company. We only have two models so we don't have any spare inventory to supply with a new phone" (is this logic reversed or did I goon crazy)

    But they are selling and advertising phones right? I was sure that they are the manufacture of the zenfone 8? (I'm starting to think that this is really a typo done by an incompetent company)

    They sure enough were a phone company when asked for my payment details....

    And 21 pages of customers complaining over the same technical problem, the same delays in responses and in service in general (people are left without their NEW device for weeks) - and all the asus forum moderators have to add here is:

    "Check for PM"?!

    Asus... be well and prosper

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