ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • Add me to the list, ramdump message, not unlocked bootloader or anything like that, just made a call and it $£"%£"$%£$ itself. Calledf Asus support, wont discuss it because it was imported. First and last Asus I ever buy. complete garbage device and customer service.

  • "I sincerely wish I could be of more help but as I said, the Zenfone 8 Flip is not available in the US which means we can't service it there and it won't have warranty in your region. Your reseller knows this. (And hopefully they also make this clear to the customer beforehand.)"

    I wouldn't have tagged you in a comment if I felt it misrepresented what you said. It's not helpful to tell me I brought this on myself regardless of how polite you were about it. Putting all the responsibility for your products on buyers and resellers clearly shows how little pride you take in your products.

    If a student from Hong Kong went to the US and their phone bricked leaving them without a device to contact family back home what should they do? Was it their fault for buying a Zenfone and going to the US? Do I need to send my phone to Hong Kong to get it serviced? This regional warranty makes zero sense, people travel with their devices.

  • I'm curious how many cases are needed so Asus will finally do something to prevent more cases....

    As usual I'm sure that I won't get any response from Asus....

  • Very sad indeed. What's your seller saying? Can they give you a refund?, as I doubt Asus will help you out.

  • Well as it is, weekly at least 2 devices are falling into this mess, and we are now upto I think 25 on this thread alone. I'm sure the numbers are higher as other people can't be bothered to come online.

  • Nah they just started ignoring me when I sent them screenshots from @gusta_cm saying this wasn't covered under warranty because I'm in the US. Gonna just take the L on this one since the phone won't even be usable next year on my carrier once they get rid of their 3G network. Maybe one day there will be motherboards for sale and I can fix it and keep it as a spare/ sell it.

    I'm honestly just really peeved because of how much I liked this phone up until it died. Great cameras, great features, great processor. I used the pano mode often while on vacation for wide angle shots but most of those are lost now.

    Don't see any companies ever making a phone like this again. Everything is just so generic and geared towards the lowest common denominator. A huge opportunity to make people enthusiastic about phones again and a huge fail for those of us effected by this issue.

    My buddy still has his zenfone 7 pro as a daily driver he bought new when it came out which made me confident when making my initial purchase. I feel very unlucky.

  • Is your seller in the US? This is really terrible news. I have never bothered about the warranty situation when buying phones, as have bought from Asia and everywhere. But after this mess with Asus, I'm definitely going to be careful, where I buy abs what brand I stick to.

  • Well that sucks man this regional warranty thing just makes no sense, Asus is still Asus regardless where they are located. Having to separate themselves from one entity to another but labelling themselves as a global brand is complete non-sense.

    I was also taken aback by this when the local service center initially told me my phone will not be covered under warranty but I argued that hey it's still an Asus phone with your company's branding....why are you differentiating between local and non-local sets? If I brought a Samsung phone and ask them to fix it then that would make more sense for them to reject.

    From this it just shows that Asus will try anything to get away from owning up to this screw-up. Deep down they probably know this product is not ready to be launch into the market but decided to push it out to make a quick buck.

  • Put out a review in GSM Arena and other platforms buddy....it's the least we can do to having more victims.

    A saw a few of us already did, so let's keep it coming 👏

  • Hello,

    I am new here and I am experiencing the same issue. I have few questions:

    I returned my device to ASUS Repair Center; how long does the repair take?

    Is someone here able to get a refund?

    Thank you and have a good day. I am from the Philippines.

  • Hi buddy, it seems you're number 26! @Gustav_ASUS will be in touch, to discuss with you the rma process. I'm in the UK, mine was collected on 7.9.21 and since then it hasn't been repaired and returned, so it's an awful long wait!

  • 7.29.21 whatttttt I'm sorry I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I can't believe you've been waiting for that long. I hope I could just get a refund since I need the phone and been using it for work purposes. 😔

  • Yes I know, but what can I do, asus don't care, and I just have to wait. Have already bought another phone though and the good part is that I will never ever touch anything Asus again!

  • @Gustav_ASUS hello could you also send me a message regarding the same issue I am having? I went in and sent my device to the nearest ASUS Service Center near me but I might be able to get a better response from your team since the repair center doesn't seem to know what the issues is too, and they didn't do any diagnosis/troubleshooting.

    Thank you! Hope to hear from you.

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    LOL xD Gustav will ask for your rma number and serial number. That's all. Welcome to the world of asus.

    Local repair center won't say anything either, because they only replace parts.

  • @Gustav_ASUS, been waiting from the 7th of September when my phone was picked up. Surely this can't be right? Now nearly a month is this acceptable?

  • Has anyone encountered ramdump issue again after 1st repair?

    I am worried to continue using as it just like a time-bomb to me. Really cannot afford to lose all my data the 2nd time.

  • You can inform the technical staff to improve the fingerprint !!!!! nine times out of ten it doesn't work.

    Thank you

  • From the updates section of the smartphone Asus proposes on Zenfone 8 the subscription to the beta program for Android 12 .... Considering the bugs that a new system could have, I will not install beta Android 12 !!!! I already have too many problems with the smartphone let alone if I start being a guinea pig for Android

  • Hello to everyone.I have the same problem.I've lost ny phone on 11/9/2021 and I haven't it yet((Service told me that they are waiting for details 🥴

    Did anyone solve this problem?What service told you?Did you received your phone back?

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