ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump



  • I asked for a full refund spent on the purchase by email ....

  • Before you download, install, and use the Unlock Device App (“Service”),

    you understand that you need to take all risks in terms of quality and

    performance of the Service, including but not limited to: once you

    trigger the Service, you’re not able to recover your ASUS products to

    the original status at the time of manufacturing (“Original Product”)

    anymore. Original Products which is used with the Service (“Changed

    Product”) will no longer be regarded as the Original Products. The

    software updates will not be available to the Changed Product, and the

    digital content in the Changed Product may no longer be used. In

    addition, the software and hardware problems of your ASUS product caused

    by using the Service may not apply to your ASUS Warranty Information,

    please read ASUS Warranty Information of your ASUS product carefully on

    ASUS official website.(https://bacchus.asus.com/support/Article/1060/)

    You can gladly send them this reply. It states very clearly that if any software or hardware defects caused by using the service happen then warranty won't cover it however your phone died due to a known hardware defect, meaning your phone should be covered by the warranty and charging money for the repair is illegal. If they still refuse you have a strong case, should be free money as far as I'm concerned.

  • I think whats happening here is that they do not understand that ASUS has changed their policies. On older ASUS products you completely forfeit your warranty when using the unlock tool, however with the newer versions all you agree to is not getting software updates, they arent responsible for software problems you cause for yourself and arent responsible for anything you cause by unlocking the bootloader or the tool does to your software and hardware.

  • They already answered that their answer stays the same… Thanks for your support tho, I indeed think that I have a very strong case and that any judge would sort this whole situation out quickly.

  • As mentioned above, you can try one last time, possibly pointing towards my reply specifically. Because I think they might simply not be familiar with the new policies, since the service centers are not a part of ASUS but instead merely hired by ASUS. It's very clear that ASUS has changed their policies towards unlocking the bootloader and the entire warranty sticker bs with their GPU's.

  • No worries, asus is a bad joke already. Seems appropriate to me. 😆

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    Basically they are just findings ways to get away with murder (ironically the death of our ZF8 phones), when excuses after excuses have come out and little to no explanation has been provided it just proves who's the guilty party here.

    Anyway I've come across this website for consumer rights https://icpen.org/resolve-dispute, it's an international organization.

    We can probably log our complaints against this criminal enterprise here.

  • Today they returned the smartphone to me after 15 days !!! I can say that they were very professional and fast !! They replaced the motherboard .... We hope they have solved the problem !!!! I will update you !!!

  • From a first personal impression after replacing the mainboard the phone appears to have improved the following defects: overheating has been drastically reduced, rustling disappeared during conversations, greatly improved fingerprint !!! It looks like another smartphone !!!!

  • My experience: In case anyone was wondering this also happens with the 8 Flip. I know not many people bought it but I liked the camera module on the Zenfone 7 Pro (saw it on a friend's phone) and the unobstructed screen (no notch/ no hole punch) also liked the expandable storage. Purchased and received in May. Used it up until last week with zero problems. Was really loving this phone until it happened. Really upset because this seemed like the perfect phone for me. Didn't care about the chonky size until I switched to my Pixel 4a. Small phones ftw now!

    How it happened: Ramdump error while steady charging was off ( normally I am always careful with my battery, only ever steady charge to 80%) but forgot to charge my phone overnight while on vacation out of the country and needed to quickly juice up before leaving the place I was staying. Grabbed my phone after it was on the charger for 15-20mins, saw the screen and went "oh ramdump, okay maybe buggy software update" *pressed all three buttons expecting to boot back into android* ramdump again "oh F***". Left me stranded without a phone. Thankfully fiancé let me use hers in the meanwhile and that all of our important vaca pics were on our messaging apps.

    I'm pretty tech savy (linux user with IT background), experienced with android modding, custom roms, etc. Had a OP7P modded with Havoc OS and Lineage OS as my daily driver for a decent amount of time. My pixel uses GrapheneOS. Didn't root or touch the bootloader on this phone because I thought it was perfect OOTB.


    In the US, dealing with the ebay seller I bought it from. They've been very helpful and responsive so far. Thankfully I'm paranoid about data backups and constantly backup to SD card. But it looks like Asus backups need Asus phones to work. Can't just plug microSD into laptop and extract unless someone with more knowledge on the matter can instruct me otherwise. Very open to suggestions atm! Will most likely use Nextcloud in the future for backups and restores.

    Still slowly switching from Zenfone 8 Flip to Pixel 4a as previously mentioned as I was out of the country and away from home when this happened. Just got back yesterday.

    Currently, my Zenfone 8 Flip has most likely run out of battery. No charging light when I plug it in, no ramdump screen anymore. Nothing. Totally hardbricked. Expensive paperweight. Nice shiny rectangle. You get the point. This leads me to believe there is some combined hardware/ software issue with charging/ charging port/ battery.


    Anyways, thank you everyone who has posted their experiences online (zentalk, reddit, xda forums) it helped me realize I wasn't just going insane! Created an account on here just to come out of the woodworks and post my experience as documentation in case anyone else with an 8 Flip out there had this happen. Usually I'm very private and hardly ever post on any site ever choosing just to lurk. This was such a huge disappointment I was encouraged to join the conversation.

    TL;DR this happens to Zenfone 8 Flips as well.

  • Nope was browsing happily then suddenly comes the dreaded ramdump

  • Thanks, any information is useful to both us and Asus .... We must give the right information to understand the problems that lead to this crash

  • update from mi side: I received a "new" complimentary Zenfone 8 from Asus Italy the same day they picked up my Zenfone 8 bricked.

    They assured me that I can use it just for the time the service center will find the problem.

    Anyway I asked, and obtained, a total refund as soon as the service center will say that my Zenfone 8 has "the problem"

    I won't use the complimentary for the fear that it will brick someday soon.

    Just filled a lawsuit against Asus Italy and ready to send if they won't refund me very soon

    I am very disappointed cause Zenfone 8 is (on paper) a great phone but I can tolerate another brick during a weekend.

    I will switch to the new Iphone 13 very soon and ban Asus for life from my life

  • @atoia68 I can't send you a PM, asked to @Gustav_ASUS how to contact you privately as we both live in Italy and he said that is impossible. This is not a real forum by the way ;-)

    anyway you can read my last post from tonight and reply to me.....

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    I'm happy that at least you managed to get a replacement, but what does this mean for the rest of us @Gustav_ASUS? We were just told to sit and wait for the repair, which could take weeks and months, unacceptable to say the least!

  • From Russia with love

  • Phew its unfortunate for you to join the dreaded team. You're number 23 on this group! What were you doing when yours died and were you rooted or running stock?

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