Sunset/sunrise schedules don't work

DennisPDennisP Level 1
edited October 2021 in ZenFone 8

Hi guys,

I'm not able to set a schedule for switching dark mode or night light by sunset/sunrise.

However, scheduling them manually by hour and minutes works ok.

Which apps/permissions/settings are required for the system to update sunset and sunrise time every day?



  • Hi @DennisP ,

    It should work if you allow location permission to the following apps:


    -Google Maps

  • Hi @Irene2_ASUS,

    Thank you very much for answering this: allowing location permissions to the weather app has done the trick.

    Oddly, when rebooting the device during night time and dark theme (auto)enabled by sunset, it restarts again with the bright theme.

    This doesn't happen when dark theme is switched on by a manually scheduled time: at night, it correctly reboots on dark theme.

    Are you able to see this bug on your devices?

  • @DennisP Thanks for letting us know, we will take a closer look. 🙂

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