Solution for Rog 2 shutting down while charging

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Asus ROG 2 shutting down while charging is widespread issue right now which company hasn't been able to fix till now. The phone switches off while charging; more specifically, when system temperature reaches 38-40 degree celcius (according to armoury crate app).

I have been testing this one trick to cool down my phone which i mentioned couple of days back on forum here (

Today, I want to show you through a picture how I am doing this and bringing the temperature down to 30-32 degree celsius during the whole charging process. The phone doesn't shutsoff while charging and there are no issues as of now doing this from last one week or so.

What I am doing is rinsing (with water) & wringing a napkin and then wrapping it around the phone. Make sure you squeeze out as much water as possible before wrapping. This gives it a "matka" effect (earthen pot) and keeps the phone cool throughout charging process.

I know its silly but that's the only cheap solution right now otherwise you can try your luck by changing that costly motherboard which their technician recommends with no guarantee for how long it will survive. I still think this is a software bug which triggers shutdown when system temperature reaches 38-40. But asus still dont want to fix it or accept it?

Here is the image i took from my tablet which shows this method.

I will continue with this till this year end before I move onto other brand. Waiting for some new launches this festive season. Hope this phone survives till then.


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