Crackling/Static sounds coming from Brand New Zenbook Pro Duo Oled

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Just got my new laptop today. So I find it hard to believe that it is faulty.

I especially notice the sound when scrolling through pages while browsing. It doesn't seem like it's coming from the speakers either. Pls tell me someone else has experienced this and knows wha5 this is


  • it's like a buzzing sound

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    FWIW I've had my Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED i9 UX582 since July 8. I use it for many hours every day. My sound quality is excellent and much better than I expected.

    There is no buzzing sound. I do have some expected fan noise when using DaVinci Resolve Studio and Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop. But it is a normal fan noise and would never be confused with "buzzing".

  • Hi Mike,

    Can you record a video of the issue for me to check further?

    Thank you.

  • Because of the type of sound it is, it's very difficult to hear on video. I made a recording but even I can't really make it out from the video

  • Hello Mike,

    Is there any computer shop nearby or you would like to send the device to our service center so we can have the engineers to check on it?

    Thank you.

  • The sound is likely from the inductors in the power supply charging circuit, it is particularly noticeable when the CPU is under load, like scrolling through pages as you say. I noticed this sound with my own Zenbook and I think it only occurs when the laptop is plugged in and experiencing load, it is not there when the laptop is running on battery even if you force the CPU at 100%. If you go into Windows power options and edit the performance plan, go into advanced settings and set the Maximum processor state to 90% or some value when the buzzing stops. The value set here is the turbo boost ratio, if set to 100% on my Zenbook that equates to 4.2 GHz max dynamic clock which is a bit over kill, but makes the windows experience seamless. I prefer a balance of speed but also no buzzing sounds, so setting the cap at 90% or so, seems to do it for me.

    If your issue is outside of the scenario I have mentioned, there could be a fault with your laptop in which case you should probably look at sending it back for inspection.

  • happening whether it is plugged in or not unfortunately

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    I have a UX582L i9. I don't think it is a design defect because I can turn my sound to 100% and there is no static or buzzing sound when scrolling through pages. I've had it for over 3 months, so I certainly would have noticed it by now.

    I'm using Microft Edge. What browser are you using?

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