Do ZenFone 8 flip phones have the MMS bug

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I use , currently, a ZenFone 7 and was about to update to the ZenFone 8 but I am a bit weary as my phone has been having trouble sending MMS,s .

My question,, does the ZenFone 8 have trouble sending MMS,s still or have they fixed the bug .

I am not sure if it was the ZenFone 8 or the rog 5 that had/ has the bug

Any feedback greatly appreciated

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    No it's not it ended up being my Sim card, somehow it was damaged or corrupted. I bought a new Sim ( prepaid) and it's back to normal. That solved the SMS problem, the MMS problem was a Telco bug , ALDI mobile who use Telstra bulk mobile network and it seems their tech,s have fixed it

    Relax brother the phone is all good 😊


  • Better still a FIX would be nice!!!

  • Are any mods out there,? I would appreciate some help here

  • Is this problem common on the zenfone 7? I don't use MMS at all but i tested it for you. Message was immediately sent and it was also received fast so there was no problem there. I know it's not much because it was just one message but like i said, i don't use it at all.

    I hope this helps.

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    Deleted post problem solved

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