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Do you solve somebody energy consumption during the night?

at 20:00 - 100% battery at 5:00 82-86% battery (depends on mode)

I got advice full charge ZF8 and during a night use flight mode. 100% battery at the evening - 100% battery at the morning. OK, nice but absolutely useless.... :-( The biggest energy consumption are "in idle" and "mobile network standby" according to battery management in the phone. Typically is energy consumption approx 2% / hod in idle mode (without activity). It is totally bad. :-(

@Irene2_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS Could you find out something new about this issue or give some more tips, advices? I think it is really serious issue.


  • I think that the problem of power consumption in mobile network standby was fixed in the last update, but the problem of the phone in idle mode is still present and consumes about 12% of the battery!!

  • Yes, you are right. Network standby is much better. Issue with idle mode is still unsolved.

  • On my case standby power consumption is surprisingly low - battery chart is flat if I'm not using phone actively. I use gsam battery monitor for battery stats.

    No social media (lucky me;-) . Disabled autostart and background data of apps that I use occasionally (like Uber etc.). Offline or ultra power saving at night.

  • What do you mean by disabled background data of apps? Did you do it manually for each app inside setiings-Apps-"name_of_app" ?

  • Exactly , apps section in service settings

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