Oled Screensaver Dual Monitor Bug

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You guys sure can make error codes... I tried copying the error code into .txt file and upload it here, file too big :D

1: ZenBook Pro Duo UX581LV

2: Latest

3: Not

4: All the time(with screen saving)


The issue is when my computer goes into screen saving mode while using 2 monitors, one connected via HDMI and the one on Laptop. The screen saver is suppose to save my screen from burn in, but when trying to go into Screen saving mode, it creates a txt file with error code in it, and it places itself on the laptop monitor without any screen saving. So the txt file with error code gets burned into the monitor instead.

Just imagine a black screen with 1/3 of the total screen is taken up by a notepad with txt file in it as I'm away from computer.


  • Hello Robin,

    Can we have a picture or video record of the issue?

    And can you share this txt file, and where is it generated (the route in the drive)?

    Thank you.

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