ZenFone 8 hotspot connectivity issues.

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Hi. Are anybody else suffering from frequent loss of internet on the WiFi hotspot?

For the last year I've used my cellphone as my main router at home. This has been working exceptionally well and I have had next to no hickups with it.

Last week my trusty old P20 died and was replaced by the ZenFone 8. But I'm now experiencing frequent drops in internet connectivity on the hotspot link.

I've tried all the different settings available but with no result.

The first ZenFone I received had a dodgy camera, but the hotspot experience was the same. So I've had this issue with two zenphones so I guess it's a known issue.

Do you have any ideas on what it could be or if a patch will be released for it?


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    Hi @Sven Ivar,

    Could you check on your device if you have the setting "turn off hotspot automatically" function set by default to X minutes instead of 'Never'?

    You can check by following these steps;

    Settings-> Network & Internet -> Hotspot & tethering -> wi-fi hotspot -> turn off hotspot automatically.

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