DEVILCASE Guardian Lite protective case

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DEVILCASE Guardian Lite protective case


Has anyone bought this protection and could give me a feedback.

The main feature I'm looking for is more difficult access to the power button, 50 accidental presses a day will drive me crazy.

Thank you


  • Expensive case

    You can search similiar case at amazon which is cheaper and more comfortable at hands than devil case

  • I am not looking for a low price but for quality and above all to be able to improve the disastrous ergonomics when I use it in portrait mode, the On-Off button is very sensitive, placed too low and is placed on my finger. DEVILCASE Guardian Lite from experience is of good quality and the buttons are removable. My choice is therefore made.

    I don't find € 21.99 excessive for a € 999 smartphone

  • It's quality not really good it's just expensive

    It has same quality like cheap carbon case where you can buy at amazon

    You can find cheaper and better quality case at amazon

    You can try to compare it

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