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Not gonna lie, I didn't expect the Android 11 to get bug free and smooth this quickly. I honestly thought we would have to go through hell much like the oneplus 7T users had to ( and to some extent still are ).

Yes, you still haven't fixed the calibration problem on the panels but as mention in a couple of other topics, I assume this is due to licensing issues anyways and maybe even slow communication with pixelworks as they need to agree to the new calibration as their name stands behind it. For many users here, they aren't aware that since you do market it with "pixelworks calibration" that they have to agree on the changes otherwise you'll be facing legal consequences. I highly doubt that you lack the ability to fix it, the fix itself isn't that hard, annoying? yes, hard? not really.

But other than that, perfect update, really happy to be a rog3 user at this point. For those who do have bugs, factory reset.


  • Yeah I am also quite happy with the update, it feels surprisingly smoother, wasn't expecting that. The only thing missing is black crush issue, which is quite serious as I have to use it on 90Hz instead of 144Hz as the issue gets way worse at 144Hz. So sad they this couldn't be fixed.

  • Even 90hz is not usable. 60hz is barely acveptable tho.

  • There is an application called "screen balance" that adds a layer that calibrates the gray scale of the screen and "solves" the black Crush .. (less is nothing ..) I use it and the truth is, the videos look much better . As long as Asus doesn't fix it ... this is working for me. If you want to use it, you must configure it as follows.

  • Actually this app adds an overlay which seems like black crush is gone but the truth is with the overlay , black itself is gone and turned into grey , so no black crush with blacks right , if you can live with it than its a win-win for you but its not acceptable even if we take it as a temporary workaround its not acceptable as it will change the colours into slightly different one

  • It will greatly depend on person also it doesnt completely get rid of the colorbanding. The main issue with your method is obviously that the screen is going to be extremely washed out and colors will be completely off, still a good mention for those who prefer a "cheap LCD Like" look over colorbanding. As you mentioned, it's not really a fix, it's more of a workaround.

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