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【Model Name】

ROG Phone(ZS600KL)

【Release Date】


Since the server pushes update notice to different serial numbers by batches, it may take some days for you to receive the FOTA notice. Thanks for your patience. You may tap “System updates” in [Settings] >[System] to check if there is new firmware available. Or, you can also try to manually update firmware by referring to the following link.

How to update firmware on my phone?

【Release Note】

  1. Updated Android security patch to 2019/02/01.
  2. [Gamevice controller] Dynamically adjust the speed of perspective control according to the angle of the right thumbstick.
  3. Improved the device wake-up speed after being charged at 100% for a while.
  4. [Game Genie] Added the "Public" option in the live privacy setting of YouTube account.
  5. [Recent apps page] Fixed the issue where the system occasionally hung after pressing the "Clear all" button.
  6. Improved the compatibility issue of AudioWizard when using headphone with SoundCloud app.
  7. [Mobile Desktop Dock] Fixed the issue where it could not detect the D-pad on joystick in tablet or TwinView mode.
  8. [Mobile Desktop Dock] Fixed the issue that some apps might disappear in tablet mode. 
  9. Fixed the issue where other devices could not connect to VPN after connecting to shared Wi-Fi hotspot.
  10. Fixed the issue where app orientation was incorrect after taking screenshots when connected to Mobile Desktop Dock and TwinView Dock.
  11. [Gamevice controller] Fixed the issue where D-pad can not be set with Key Mapping.
  12. US version now supported the use of ASUS WiGig® Dock.
  13. [Touch firmware] Improved the touch experience, and optimized the quick tap movement in the game: "THE [email protected]".
  14. Fixed the issue where occasionally the time shown on Always-on Panel was not the same as system time after system update.
  15. Fixed the issue where error message was occasionally shown when using the power and volume keys to take screenshots.
  16. [Navigation gesture] Improved the mis-operation issue in the conversion page of Facebook Messenger.
  17. [Gamevice controller] Added the feature to launch the Key Mapping editing page when pressing the “ [|] ” button.
  18. [Key Mapping] Added the feature to show edited key layout when pressing “F10” on keyboard.
  19. [Key Mapping] Simplified the flow of adding mapping keys.
  20. [File Manager] Fixed the issue where the app crashed while creating a new folder when OTG is connected to SD card.

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