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Dear All

I hope you are well and healthy.

As I really want to try Asus laptops especially the Zenbook flip series; thus I Wish to ask a recommendation regarding a laptop relevant to that.

I want a laptop with the following:

Screen: 13 inch or 15 inch :Preferably 15.X inch since that would have better GPU & CPU

FHD display

CPU : AMD equalvent to Core I7 since AMD is cheaper / Core I7

Ryzen Mobile CPUs


AMD’s own Vega graphics chipsets

Keyboard: Backlit keyboard

Ram: 8 Gb to 16 Gb / Upgradable from 8 preferably

SSD: 256 - 512 Gb /

I could change myself to a value one which pose as a problem if SSD can't be changed which i doubt lol.

Battery: battery with a rating from 44Wh to 50Wh Long hours of battery / Quick Charging

USB: a couple of USB 3.0 ports

Build Quality: MIL-STD-810G

Biometric : Fingerprint Scanner / Maybe IR Camera ? 👇️

P.S I don't know the reliability of IR camera for biometric honestly thus i can't say no;

but i wish someone to enlighten me ?

WIFI: Good WIFI can't really tell 4.0 from 5.0 to 6.0 😂 Maybe WIFI 5.0 since it's the Predecessor to 6.0

I Currently am considering Buying a laptop for later. Design-wise Asus Zenbook really are Exceptional.

I am looking for the Future-proof laptop sorta thing, least it should be good enough for few years....

Thank you really for your time and effort for reading my Discussion 😀 .

I hope I get the best answers please 🙏

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