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So I'm trying to set the fingerprint for my ROG 5 Ultimate.

I have 5 fingerprints registered. And I must say, I had a hard time successfully registering them, and during this process there are countless swearing coming out from my mouth.

Even with the fingerprints "successfully" being registered, I still have a hard time unlocking my phone with them.

This is not going to sound nice, but god damn good lord, this fingerprint sensor is a bag of rotten diarrhea! What kind of pathetic junk is being used for this "Ultimate" phone!? Ultimate disgrace is more like it!

My ROG 2 works just fine, with the same freaking thumbs and fingers!

I apologize for the rant, but this is total BS.

Anyway, is it just me or there's something very wrong with ROG 5's fingerprint sensor?



  • Rog 5 fingerprint sensor is a crap

    Even rog 2 fingerprint faster than this

    Maybe they can do something to faster this fingerprint scanner? Because it's sensor already a crap from beginning

  • Works very well or very poorly for me, depending on the setting of the sensor design and animation.

    Default drawing, almost 100%, the misfires are due to a very short duration of pressure, used by the physical sensors of my other smartphones.

    Personalized drawing (Bravery, Fanstastic), significant difference in success, 3-4 / 5.

    Animation, tested the two rotary (2 and 4), Unusable, requires too long press time for me. 80% failure compared to the basic drawing without animation.

    Precision, Rog 5 delivered with XFORCE protection film (WeFix) made to measure installed by the seller.

    The fingerprint registration went very well.

  • Looks like it's not just me then. It is really shitty.

    Thanks for sharing your perception and your experiments for some possible "fixed" guys. Much appreciated.

    So I tested out the suggestion by FunBike31. Doesn't work for me though. And then I spent literally hours to find the sweetest spot to get this garbage to work "normally" with reliability. And I find that by pressing hard and jiggle my finger/thumb while scanning, seems to increase the probability of a successful scan.

    Damn this nonsense. One fine day my screen is gonna break just because I'm scanning my finger. smh

  • It seems to me that the best faq on this subject that I have read is on zentalk rog5 in Chinese language but I can not find it anymore, maybe a moderator here has a link.

    In the meantime, some general advice

    1) Screen protection

    There are protections that penalize recognition, nothing can improve, it must be changed by a certified fingerprint recognition protection.

    You have to scan with the protection if you have one, if you put it in later, remove the fingerprints and start the recognition again. the same if you change or remove it.

    The display must be clean

    2) Hands and fingers (dryness and wounds are the enemies)

    There are people who have very dry or dehydrated hands, the cause must be treated. change soap for example. If the cause is deep, no sebum production, consult a skin specialist.

    If you are using a hydroalcoholic lotion because of Covid-19, use another method while the skin is rehydrating. (a few minutes)

    A good lotion shouldn't leave your hands too dry, but unfortunately this is not often the case.

    Diabetics, if possible avoid using the fingers used for blood sugar measurement.

    Do not use an injured finger of course.

    3) learning

    preferably in natural light, not in direct sunlight or in the dark.

    Do not use more fingers than necessary, usually 2 on one hand and 1 or 2 on the other hand (safety if you injure your finger)

    take the time, use the pressure you will use for the release, be careful not to slip.

    Learn in the positions you will use for unlocking, flat or tilted on the desk, while holding it, on the stand in a vehicle. this matters because the angle and pressure may be different.

    To do this, register the finger that is used the most several times as a new fingerprint in each position of use.

    Example at home:

    Right index finger, 3 learnings, desk support, car support, by holding it with the left hand.

    Right thumb, 2 learnings, desk support, holding it.

    Left thumb, safety, 1 learning.

    Even if you use it only in one situation, by performing two recognitions for the same finger you will certainly get a better success rate.

    Don't turn your finger, no 45.60 or even 360 ° (already seen!), Just change a few degrees, tilt and rotate and change the left-right pressure slightly.

    4) Recognition

    Forget the habits taken with the physical sensors located outside the screen, you will never get the same recognition speed with current technologies of the sensor under the screen, it offers space saving by removing the border or better ergonomics than those located on the back or on the power button but not the speed. Recognition is not as efficient and it is penalized with additional energy management.

    In short, if you typed very quickly (<0.1 ") with previous smartphones, you must now adapt

    Press (0.2,0.3 ") and test a few different speeds and pressures

    If the device has been on standby for a while, tap very quickly to wake it up and then press the sensor.

  • Using Rog 5 ultimate version and I have the same issue with the fingerprint sensor that only work sometimes. I tried rescanning my finger with better angles, pressing harder anything I could think of but it didn't help. So far this phone falls behind compared to my old razer phone 2.

  • They are not able to do anything about it, the reason the fingerprint sensor sucks is because it's much smaller than previous generations.

  • While the direct sunlike part is correct and the dry fingers only is valid if your skin is crumbling off skin the real reason why the fingerprint function on the rog5 is horrid is due to the very tiny sensor. It's smaller than previous generations which already had quite bad fingerprint sensors.

  • Yes, it's smaller, it's easy to put your finger on the side and the recognition lacks responsiveness, but that doesn't explain as much of the failure and the pressure that the user who created this thread has to put on. . Already seen 2 other similar cases on the ultimate model, the other cases seen are less serious.

    Personally, I got used to it and I have little failure, I am trying to diagnose if the recognition goes to sleep and force it to stay awake but I have not yet found the name of the service.

  • Side fp scanner>back fp>indisplay

    Someone or the other always has complains related to indisplay FP on phones (kinda more on Asus as they use a pretty small sensor)

  • Given how important the fingerprint sensor is on phones these days, this is the one thing that drags the ROG phone 5 Ultimate down. I know the sensor is small, but is there no way the devs can optimise the firmware??

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