Delayed WhatsApp message notification

My rog phone 5 only alerting arrival of WhatsApp message after I unlock the screen (shown in video). There will be no arrival of messages nor notification at all if the phone is idling in lockscreen. I have emailed myasus and done with all the troubleshooting as advised including factory reset. But the problem still remain. May I know anyone could advise on this issue? Thanks.


  • There are +15 entries in 5 Settings menus that can interact with notifications, as well as settings in the google account and certainly in the app.

    You have to check everything related to energy saving, WiFi and Mobile data consumption, particularly background tasks, notifications and authorizations.

    1) network and internet (Mobile network), (Data saver)

    2) Applications and Notifications (General) and (the application)

    3) Battery

    4) Display (Screen saver), (Led indicator)

    5) Advanced (Mobile manager) (Optiflex)

    Do not forget that there can be a delay of up to 15min Wifi and 20min 3-4G (of memory) for a push notification to be delivered, it becomes rare, but hey, it still happens, add a few seconds before get out of the day before in your tests.

  • k_huatk_huat Level 1

    Hi funbike31,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I checked all the setting mentioned but the problem still remain. The notification just won't arrive if I didn't unlock the phone. Few times already after I wake up from my sleep (few hours) my phone show no sign of any messages arrived,but once I unlocked my phone then only WhatsApp messages flow in (I use mostly WhatsApp for my work).

    Below are the setting I have done but no help..

    1) network and internet (Mobile network), (Data saver)

    --data saver off, unrestricted for WhatsApp

    2) Applications and Notifications (General) and (the application)

    --all permission allowed

    3) Battery

    -- no background restrictions, battery used optimized

    4) Display (Screen saver), (Led indicator)

    --screen saver never start, led indicator flash for arrival of notification

    5) Advanced (Mobile manager) (Optiflex)

    --speed up on for WhatsApp

    Generally I have optimized and make no restrictions for all related setting but the problem still remain. Once the phone is idle for some time, it act like hibernating n not receiving messages until you unlock n activate it. I have no idea what to do next..

  • Hello,

    At work, therefore certainly in WIFI, the first thing to do is to test in 3G / 4G, to eliminate all causes related to the security of the network.

    Specify the version you are using, WhatsApp Messenger or Business

    WhatsApp does not support push notifications, the settings you made seem good to me, but you have to complete them by making the same configurations as you did for WhatsApp on Google Play services.

    (some cannot be modified, this is normal and they are good by default).

    You have to reboot the phone to be sure that the changes are taken into account.

    We had to try "Push Notifications Fixer" but it is no longer on the Google Play Store, I will look for an equivalent, while waiting

    If it still doesn't work, the remaining cause is that you are not receiving push notifications from google. It is necessary

    1. Reset your Google Account.
    • Android phone Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All (Swipe right on some phones for this list, if not listed in Downloaded).
    • Choose Google Play services > Clear data.
    • Choose Google services framework > Clear data.
    • Temporarily unlink your Google account from the phone.
    • Reboot the phone.
    • Re-associate your Google account.

  • k_huatk_huat Level 1

    Hi @FunBike31

    Thanks for your reply. I change the setting in WhatsApp app for "Not optimized" under battery. It seems helping yesterday n messages arrived normally without delayed. I'll observe few more days n confirm again if this method works. Thanks again!

  • Hi @FunBike31

    Finally my WhatsApp operates normally without any delayed message, with settings below:

    1. Battery "not optimized"

    2. Optiflex On with "auto select"

    3. Lock task for WhatsApp all the time

    Thanks again for the diagnostic n troubleshooting steps suggested previously 🙏

  • It's too early to confirm this issue solved yesterday. Sadly to inform this problem happen again this morning..

    I unlock my phone this morning n start using my phone for YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo mail, browse some others apps, received a direct call; but when I open WhatsApp then only I notice arrival of messages n two missed call, which arrived an hour ago.. this is a disaster like WhatsApp acting without push notification function..

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