Do we have any chance to get a security update soon?

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I'm using the ROG Phone 3, Japanese edition.

Security patch level is still April.

My company mandates that Android phones update to at least June patch level before end of August...

Is there a chance I get that soon?



  • I found the update on the support site, and could update successfully.

    Happy to have found those, and being able to update.

    Sad to have to do it manually...

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    If you're using the Chinese model (says Tencent Games on the back) flashed with the worldwide firmware, you will not be able to get OTA updates, as that hardware configuration is not officially supported by the worldwide firmware. However, you can still continue to manually update.

    The most recent update released (Android 11 - build 18.0410.2108.158) brings the phone up to the August 2021 security patch.

  • I'm not using a Chinese model. It's a model for the Japanese market. I did use OTA update once in the past and it stopped working... No known reason.

    As the update system does not work properly, I will check the support site periodically and do it manually.

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    I think most companies roll out OTA updates in stages, so that everyone isn't downloading them at the same time. I guess that would also give them time to respond to issues from early updaters and halt the OTA before everyone gets it (you may have seen before where a company stops an update from going out to everyone after some users experienced bugs).

    Still, if you have gotten OTA updates before, and haven't since April... well, that is kinda weird. Thankfully, manually updating is always an option, if a minor inconvenience.

  • Just go to service centre , they will give you fresh installation and then you might be able to get fota

  • There is an update released with August security patch you may want to check if it is relevant to you.

  • WW-18.0410.2108.158 is the latest firmware update available for JP devices. It includes the August security patch.

  • Gustav, I did install it. It works perfectly.

  • Just got the latest august patch today.

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