Asus Zenfone 8 Mobile Data Connectivity Issues

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Hello everyone,

So, just a few days ago I've purchased a brand new Asus Zenfone 8, but I'm already thinking of sending it back, because I've got incredibly frustrated over what's going on with mobile data connection.

Basically, the issue is, as follows:

Whether I'm in 4G or 5G mode (I use 4G mode mostly, since I deem 5G one quite unnecessary), once I leave home (and I don't have access to Wi-Fi connection), on the one hand the phone keeps showing me that I have 4G (or, optionally, 5G connection) on the right side of the screen; but on the other hand, on the left side of the screen, I keep seeing a message that says 'Mobile Data - No Internet'.

Since I had no problem whatsoever with mobile data connectivity on my old Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact phone, it is therefore evident to me that it is a device, rather my phone provider (O2) problem.

I have tried resetting 'Wi-Fi. mobile & Bluetooth', but to no avail: the issue persists in any case.

Can anyone, please, help me out with this problem, before I am forced to return the device?

Many thanks in advance!


  • have you looked in your APN settings? strangely i had to set the manually as well, which reminded me of phones 10 years ago but i guess u can find the settings for your provider easily on their homepage. helped me and others without mobile data connection! 🤞

  • Hi @nailleurs,

    Check your APN settings, as Steve02 mentioned you can check on your carrier homepage or you can contact them. Check if they are correct, if not you might need to change them.

    Also you didn't mention about phone calls but have you been able to make phone calls?

    Let me know.


  • Perfect! Thanks a great deal for your piece of advice! I've done just that (reset APN manually), and now my mobile data connection is working just fine when I'm outside and not connected to Wi-Fi. Thank you once again!

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